Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new ME- The tattoo

    I have decided with all of the new things that I have been trying out lately, (cause I want to experience everything life has to offer) that maybe I will get a t a t t o o. Yes you heard me right.

    I want to live life to the absoulute freakin fullest people.

    Now I know in the past I have complained about all my daughters tattoos. My only complaint with her has been 1) she was too young to make such a permanent decision and 2) the locations she got her tattoos at were all very visible.

    Not that I had a problem with tattoos in general. I have always been worried that I couldn’t handle pain involved.

    So I called all of my doctors to ask their opinions. To see if with all my allergic reactions to things (due to my freakin health) that I would be ok to get a tattoo. I even got on line and did some research to see if I did have a reaction what would really happen. I mean really how bad could it be?

    Now I am sure that with all that said, you’re wondering what I would get and where I would get it.

    So did I mention that the only person that is on board with this is, my daughter and one of my doctors.

    The sportsman said NO. My mother I am pretty sure is against it, and I have had a couple of friends question if this is the right thing to do with my health and all.

    I say hell yeah!!!!!!

    So I was thinking that I would get the Jesus fish. I was thinking I would put it way down on my ankle.

    The bigger point behind the Jesus fish is similar to the wwjd bracelets. It would serve as a reminder for me to be a better person. To be more like Christ.

    And we all know that I could use a little reminder now and again that I could be a lot better of a person. No?

    So I will let you know and be sure to share photos when I actually go in to get it done. Currently my daughter says she is off work next Wednesday and that we should go.

    Hmmmmmmmm, very tempting.
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