Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drafting off the FED X Truck

    The other day my soccerboy and I were out driving. We were flying down the highway. Kinda in a hurry. Well sorta, mostly I just drive fast, cause I can.
    I enjoy the speed. The wind in my hair. The loud music playing on my ipod. Breathing in the fresh air.
    L i v i n g!

    The closest thing to flying like a bird. No?

    So the soccerboy and I were driving down the highway and we got behind this Fed X truck. Then I realized that it was pulling us along. Whats the word for that? Oh yeah drafting. It was pretty neat. Doesn’t that save on gas no? Or do I have it all wrong.

    So we did that for a few miles until I got tired of going so slow. So we took off and were zipping in and out of the traffic. We did have someplace to be after all, at a specific time.

    Then we got stuck behind a mini van that wouldn’t abide by the rules of the road and get the hell over. Dude, Out of my freakin way!!!!!

    So after the mini van finally got over, I told the soccerboy to give them a nice christain wav. He asked me if that ment to flip them off. Seriously? I told him no just wav nicely. Geez soccerboy.

    Let me stop right there. Yes, I know this probably doesn’t look good in front of my 15 year old who is learning to drive. Zipping in and out and at the speed I was going.But I got it covered.

    WE have had the “talk”. No the other one. silly.
    You know the one about driving and speed. About how it requires years and many hours of drive time to be an excellent driver. Part of that also is confidence. You don’t want to be too over confident however.

    My soccerboy totally understands all this. He knows he has a lot to learn and many more hours on the road to be as good of driver as I am.

    I really am a awesome driver. I did grow up after all around the race track. My dad does own a body shop. I know a lot about cars.

    I have had minimal tickets in my lifetime (under 4) and I have had only 1 wreck (that wasn’t my fault).

    My soccerboy has even commented on how good of a driver he thinks I am. Well compared to the sportsman anyways.

    However, on this particular day he made a statement that even though I was a good driver I was kinda scaring the shit out of him just a little.

    So I slowed down. For my soccerboy.

    I have no doubt that even with my soccerboys new car (mustang) that he will ever be the responsible non-rule breaking kid he has always been.

    It’s not to say that I won’t continue to ride his ass all the time about being responsible.

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