Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The NEXT Generation

     Anyone who knows me, knows that I always speak my mind.
      That is what, I am best at. LMAO

    So I would like to be frank withyou right now, on my opinion about reaching the next generation of young kids.

    I know religion is such a “touchy” topic, But there are changes taking place all around us and I am worried about this "boomerang generation" of kids, who don't see the need to attend/be apart of a church.

    I feel like they have information over load and don't know which to believe or what is right for them.

    Did you know???? That about 80% of the young kids that are currently attend a youth group will not even attend a church on a regular basis by the time they are sophomores in college. How sad is that.

    Something else very interesting, the percentage of people who attend a church goes down each generation. Did you know that?

    The Generations:
    Silent Generation(1923-1943) 50% attended
    Baby Boomer Generation (1945-1960’s) 35% attended
    Generation X (1960-1970’s) 15% attended
    Generation Y (the Millennials 1970’s- 1990’s) 4% attended
    Boomerang generation (2000-current) wanna take a guess?

    Am I the only one that is alarmed by this?

    What do you think the reason is for this lack of attendance or faith?
    Here are some of the reasons I think attendance is down with this new generation of kids.

    - Media (Constantly talking about priest who has “fallen” );
    - Loss of understanding of different religions (Most don’t understand that not all churches are the same);
    - Loss of universal respect for the church (everyone used to respect the church, even if they didn’t attend);
    - Belief that you don’t have to go to church to believe in God (which you don’t, but fellowship is very important and you can’t get that by watching sermons on t.v.);
    - Colleges teachings (science vs religion);

    Some of these things would make me question  going to church, thats for sure.
    It’s obvious that current methods are failing, in reaching this generation. So we need to step up.

    Aren’t you worried?
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