Monday, October 5, 2009

Going GReeN


    When my kids were little they came home from school, after hearing some teacher talk about saving the planet. I’m thinking are you serious? Next thing you know it we had a million different plastic bins to hold all the crap we were suppose to recycle. Let me just say that BUGS come with recycling. We lasted about a month.

    We tried again when the kids were in jr high. On a much lower scale this time, aluminum cans. There’s money in that right? We even bought a can crusher and installed it in the garage. I know we had at least 10 trash bags full of cans. All over the freakin garage. So we finally find a place to take these “bags of cash”. We load them up in the car take them all the way to the recycling center and find out you really don’t make much money. At least not with 10 bags. So once again we have given up.

    If you are going to recycle you really have to do it because you want to help save the planet. Cause there is NO real cash in it.

    We have now moved onto other ways to help the environment. Going green means a lot of things. We sold our SUV and bought an energy efficient car. We have talked about getting a rain bucket to recycle rain water and use on our plants and flowers in our yard. We use all natural household products to clean with. We eat a lot of organic foods. Some yummy; some not so yummy.

    There are a million different ways to go green; you just have to do the research. Going Green is hard work, but don’t you want to help make a positive impact on the world you live in and set a great example for your children? URL:
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