Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joy Riding

    Recently a bunch  of the soccerboys friends have turned sixteen. Which means young newbies out on the road.
    The funny part is none of them look old enough to be driving. When they are out and about, it is comical to hear about the other drivers reactions to the fact they look sooooo young.
    So anyways, I am not ready for the soccerboy to get his licence just yet. He has had plenty of “drive time” in so I have no doubt that he is more than qulified to be out on the road. It is all the other idots out there that I worry about.
    Besides experience comes with t i m e.
    I worry even to this day when I hear sirens and the tattoo girl has just left the house. I will call her just to see if she is alright.
    I know that I will worry about the soccerboy also.
    Again he is more than qualified to be out on the road with out me. It is just part of being a parent, to worry right?
    So this week the soccerboy gets his car, next week he will take his test.  Where did the time go.
    Exciting? No?
    I have mixed emotions. I am sure it will be fine. The big part is I tend to be a little over protective of my children. But, not anymore than the average parent.
    My bigger concern is the fact that I have to cover the car insurance for the soccerboy. Well half anyways. The soccerboy is required to get a job and pay for his half.
    That is only right.
    His dad bought him the car, So I am responsible for the insurance.  Somehow I think I totally got screwed in this deal.
    What I want to know is why the hell a man's insurance is sooooo freakin much more than a womans????
    I mean really, I have seen women in their cars on the freeway putting on make-up while they are driving.
    Hello! Can you freakin say accident waiting to happen.
    (Yes, I do have a friend who does this.) She knows I am just busting her balls right now about it.
     My point is women are just as crazy as men drivers.
    Isn’t that kinda WRONG, to charge one gender more than the other???
    We are equals right?
    Just sayin..........
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