Tuesday, October 26, 2010


    Recently, with much pain I came to a big super huge realization.
    The realization about the word “moving on”.
    Now, this word might mean something different to you.  Moving on doesn’t have to be a b a d thing.
    Honestly, it just depends on “who” is doing the moving on.
    In my opinion moving on is only cool if both parties are in agreement, to move on.
    Now if you have a situation where only one of you is wanting to “move on”well then, enter sadness (here).
    So here we are moving on.
    Whether I wanted to or not.
    Yes I know I have said I was moving on multi times before. However, this time it is for real.
    Change is good.
    Things happen for a reason.
    All good things eventually come to an end.
    I firmly believe in these things.
    I have a male friend at work,that has been aware of all that was going on. In his opinon, he said that I didn’t really care or love this “guy” as much as I think I did. WTF? 
     I disagree.
     What kind of friend tells you that?
     Well, I’ll tell you. An honest one.
    My friend says, that I was only in it for the chase.  I was only enjoying it because It felt like I was the one in control. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Could this be true? I am a super huge control freak.
    I mean really, wasn’t I just using him as much as he was using me?  So I shouldn’t be all that sad to see it end. Right? What ev er.
    I still think of him frequently.  The whole situation certainly impacted my life in a positive way. I will never forget him.
    Was I ready to move on?
    I don’t know. 
     Did I have a choice? Um, No. 
     Will it all be ok?  Eventually.Everything happens for a reason. You just don't realize till later, that the change is a good thing.
    I'm not sure who I am trying to convince, me or you?
    All good things eventually come to an end.

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