Monday, May 2, 2011

Passions- What I'm Passionate about

    You thought I was gonna talk about sex didn't you?
    Ha Ha.
    Too funny. All of you are a bunch of pervs. I love it!
    Contain yourself people.
    Not today.
    Know why? cause I can talk about other things besides sex all the time. I swear.

    So to prove a point, today I'm gonna talk about the "food" things I am really passinonate about.

    Yes, I just said FOOD.

    I may not be one to eat all the Chocolate, candy, powdered donuts, coffee, doritos kinda shit that most of you eat,
    but I do eat some pretty amazing shit.

    When I enjoy something I tend to become very passionate about it.

    Now don't fall off your fucking chair rolling around on the floor with uncontrolable laughter,

    I love these things, ALOT.

    Steel Cut Oats (with honey and walnuts- sometimes with cranberrys when I'm feeling a little wild);

    Long Grain Wild rice, with veggies;

    Multi-grain whole wheat fig newtons (my special treat after dinner);

    Trident Vitality gum;

    Honey and peanut butter;

    lets not forget my

    Vanilla Protein shake (so damn yummy)

    Now I know what your thinking, honestly I do. that these things aren't anything to get all excited about.

    In my defense they really are.
     If you tasted them just once you would be equally hooked.
    Dont get me wrong I do eat what most of you call "snacks" or "treats" I'm not completely out there.
     I really enjoy twizzlers, on occasion.
    Oh, yeah and sometimes I get the movie theatre pretzel.
    So see I am normal.

    My whole point is that anyone can be passionate about anything. Food, people, art, animals, whatever it might be its a good thing.

    Well unless you go over the top and fall into obsession. Thats probably not a good thing.

    So anyways for those of you who hear or have heard me go on and on about my favorites, cut me some slack. These are things I truly love or I wouldnt speak so passionately about them.

    they are all GOOD for me.

    What a freakin deal.

    See ya when I see ya.
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