Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growing up- Soccerboy Style

    I get IT! The soccerboy is 16.
    I get that he wants to be
    i n d e p e n d e n t.(Dont get me wrong thats a good thing.)I embrace independence.

    We pretty much let him do most of the things he requests to do.

    He is a good kid. Great kid!

    I didn't say perfect.
    but a honest to god, G O O D kid.

    but what I have a hard time with is when he wants to do things, that I don't feel he is old enough to do. It's not that I don't think hes mature enough. Its more like the safety factor.

    and to get him to understand that is nearly impossible.

    All the soccerboy sees is that I am being an over protective mom, or that I'm saying NO just for the hell of it.

    When really thats not the case at all. (At least I don't think I'm over the top kinda crazy protective, just the norm amount of motherly protective)

    So coming up quickly is another huge concert that we are going to.

    We don't have a problem taking the soccerboy to concerts.

    Yes, there are "things" at this concert that go on that we don't condone.

    but reality is no matter where you go there is always some kind of shit going on that you may or maynot agree with.

    We took him to his first concert at age 14. Again he went with us. The sportsman and I.

    My thoughts are, you just have to be confident that you have raised you child right and with good morals and you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    So this h u g e event, has some crazy shit that goes on. We know this going into it.
    but it also has some freakin awesome music.

    The big thing is there are alot of people who attend this event. Last year there were 55,000 people there.

    I'm sure you remember, I posted some kick ass photos from last years concert.

    My big issue is the soccerboy wants to drive himself and his friends this year to the concert.
    My first thought was, "Are you fucking crazy"?

    He has only been one time and that was with us.
    There are soooooo many people at this yearly concert that its like one big cluster fuck.
    Its easy to loose someone.

    and while there are good people (like us) who attend there are equally just as many jackasses there

    Last year it took us over an hour just to find parking and walk to the concert. We missed the first couple of bands.

    Parking is a hot mess to say the very least.
    Soccerboy just got back his car.

    Now I have tried to talk to him about this. How I do not want him to drive himself and I don't really want him running all around this place by himself with his friends for 12 hours.

    Obviously the soccerboy doesn't want to listen to me. (but I am not his bff, I'm the parent and I have to stick to my gut instinct)
    Part of me thinks fuck it, I was going to concerts at 15 without my parents.

    I should just let him do it, hes a very responsible 16 year old. I have no doubt he would behave. Its all the other dumbasses out there that I don't trust.
    the mother in me says, No fucking way!
    That is just insane.

    So I don't know what I am going to do.

    We had the discussion once awhile ago. A very heated discussion on the subject.

    Any suggestions? I don't want him to feel like I don't trust him. Cause I totally do.

    See Ya when I see ya.
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