Thursday, June 17, 2010

When is a Good time to listen to head banging music?

    When is the wrong/Right time to listen to head banging music? (Like Five Finger Death Punch)

    Let me just tell you.

    1. I would Not suggest it, when driving in rush hour construction traffic and you have that one freakin jackass who just doesn’t get the fucking signs, that say this lane ends, get the h e l l over -MERGE.

    This kind of music tends to get your blood pumping and makes you less likely to be nice to assholes like that;

    2. I don't recommend it, while driving with a new teen driver. You should restrict the music to something of a mellow nature. AS to avoid the distraction from the road because the teen is sooo into the music;

    3. I most definately think you should avoid it, when your driving in a flash flood rainstorm. Now while sometimes I find this somewhat soothing to rock out while sheets of rain are crashing against my little tiny car, the negative point is that you can’t freakin focus on what’s going on outside;

    4. Last but not least,when your spouse/mate/ significant other is trying to have a serious conversation with you. This will only end badly;

    The best times to listen to head banging music is……..

    1. When you’re at a kickass concert. There is nothing better than hearing the music in person.;

    2. Your drive into work on a Payday Friday. Everyone is happier then;

    3. When your home alone , dancing around naked;

    4. While you are laying out in the hot ass sun and drinking an ice cold beer. Those just go hand in hand;

    5. I would say when your smoking weed, but I wouldn’t know, cause I don’t do that;

    Now everyone go out and enjoy some kickass head banging music,
     at appropriate times
    of course.
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