Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Denist says I have a SMALL Mouth

    It’s true I do have a small mouth.

    That is no lie.

    However, the sportsman disagrees. Just because I am opinionated(which now-a-days who the hell isn’t) and assertive doesn’t make me a freakin loud mouth.

    There are just certain times that call for being a, take charge kind of person. Don’t you agree?

    If everyone was freakin passive then nothing would ever get done or taken care of.

    I have to admit there are times when I could have probably toned things down a tiny bit.

    I know there have also been times when my son thinks I am deliberately trying to embarrassing him.

    Which is sooooo not true. I just stand up for what I believe in.

    I don’t do "it" on purpose in front of my son, just to embarrass him. I just want him to see that you have to stand your ground sometimes. You don’t want to be a push over.

    In general the sportsman is a very passive person. I think sometimes it takes opposite personalities to make a relationship work.

    The sportsmans passiveness for the most part helps in a big way to mellow me out. Then again at other times it totally pisses me off.

    There are those times when I think he should step up and take care of shit. Except he never does cause he is a very laid back kinda guy.

    I know there is a difference in being a total obnoxious loud mouth and just being assertive.

    I am just the soccermom who is assertive,
    with a tiny mouth.

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