Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Art of Deception

    I was reading this National Geographic magazine, about Yellowstone and its “Super Volcano”. Ok smartasses, you got me. I don’t normally read these kinds of things. So I’m sure me just saying I read this, has you all rolling on the floor.

    This is sort of long, but I promise I will get to the point.

    So I was looking thru the magazine after I read the article, and I came across one that was on animals that mimic their surroundings. It said sometimes survival means lying, stealing, or sometimes vanishing in place. Really? That seems a little harsh.

    This brought up old memories of a women/son/family, I dislike tremendously (It has taken me 2 years to say that I dislike them and not HATE) thanks to the counseling sessions with my freakin mother!!!

    I will call them the katydid family, since the katydid is good at disguising themselves, and that is this family for real.

    I truly believe now in the saying “Out of site, out of mind”! Just so you know I am not a mean person, but I have to tell you that my niceness has been pushed to its limits in dealing with this family.

    I will give you a little bit of back ground, but not the whole long sordid history behind why I feel this way.

    Deceptive is a nice word for what this woman really was/is. Thoughts that come to mind are liar, back stabber, opportunist, and brown noser are just to name a few.

    I have known this family/woman since our kids were in grade school together. For many reasons I have decided I do not want any part of her or her family.

    Rather unfortunately, our sons have gone to school together since kindergarten and played on the same competitive soccer team together for 6 years. So not only did I have to see her at every flippin school function , but then 2 times a week at soccer practice and every weekend at games or God help me, an out of town tournament. We also got invited to all the same “adult” parties. Where I did try and pretend to be nice for everyone else’s benefit.

    I know, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I actually got to that point.

    Every time we were around them I swear my blood pressure would go up. Which ment that anytime we were around them it put me in a totally bitchy mood. You know how it is, once your pissed it’s hard to just pretend to have a good time.

    So all this started with a simple fight at school between my son and someone else’s son, who was a bully and had serious issues. The fight was at school (grade school), and the katydid kid was there to witness it. He however did nothing to break it up, but stood by and watched.

    When I called the katydid’s mom (cause I thought we were freakin friends) to find out what happened at school, she explained to me that her son was friends with both kids and didn’t want to choose sides. WTF!!!!! Are you freakin kidding me! I don’t care, who is friends with whom, you don’t stand by and watch a fight and do nothing. Is it obvious that my kid was the one getting beat up.

    I should have known that was the beginning of a hate/hate relationship.

    The things I’m going to mention now have nothing to do with anything other than they just piss me off. The katydid’s mom is a stay at home mom; she makes it a point to let everyone know how many hours she has volunteered at the school. She claims to be a very religious person. There is nothing wrong with any of these things. Except someone who claims to be such a religious person doesn’t need to publicize it and if you were such a good person why do you need to toot your own horn about all that you do, unless you are just doing it to impress???? Not very Christian like of her.

    I have to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, cause the katydid kid is just like his mother. He is a huge brown noser, over achiever (for show), and a bully. That’s right, when he doesn’t think any adults are looking he is a complete jackass.

    None of this should mean anything to me. It shouldn’t affect my life in the slightest. It is my own fault that I have allowed it to eat at me. The problem is that most people don’t know the real “katydid” all they know is the act they put on. So it makes me look like a bitch, cause I don’t like them.

    So my dislike hate for this family has grown over the years, to where now everything is a freakin competition between our boys. If my son got A honor roll then her son had to go the extra mile and get principles’ honor roll. If my son got 3 goals in a game, next time her son worked to get more. It went on and on. We finally quit the soccer team, that wasn’t the only reason, but was a huge part of it. In order to get away from them.

    Their family even worked out at the same gym as my family (BTW, we were there first!)

    So finally the boys were in 8th grade at the jr high, and we were counting down the days till high school, cause once they hit H.S. they would be going to different schools, after being together for 8years.

    So finally I am some what at peace, (thru the help of God and support of my mother) I don’t have to see them but occasionally thru high school games against their school. In the end it was best for my sanity and my son’s confidence.

    It’s sad when you have to teach your kid at such a young age that life is not fair, not everyone plays by the rules or is honest. I am hoping that it has made my son a stronger person and not disillusioned him with the world.

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