Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quirky Things About ME

    These are the things that make me, ME.

    1. I don’t like sharing my tweezers;

    2. I will only eat a banana if it is cut up;

    3. I love to go f a s t;

    4. I hate when ppl drive just a little too far past the drive thru window; HELLO Sportsman!!!!

    5. I eat cearl every night at 9pm cause I’m convienced that it will make me feel better;

    6. I’m obsessed with shaving my legs everyday; I like things to be SMOOTH.

    7. I don’t really like chocolate, but I will eat DARK chocolate; I know I’m strange.

    8. I LOVE peanut butter anything;

    9. While I love to run around naked, I don't really like for ppl to see me naked;

    10. My favorite part on a man is his lips (you thought I was gonna say wiener, didn’t you);

    11. My favorite secret sexual fantasy used to be, to have sex in the top of a barn. Now I just find it creepy and definitely dirty; and not the good kind of dirty.

    12. I HATE Excuses;

    13. I will never willingly let someone pee on me;

    Now you know
    just a little bit more
    about what makes
     so freakin weird.

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