Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • thomachan72
    09-02 09:25 AM
    What is the probability that all EB2 I with PD 2004 get cleared this year?
    I guess the bulk of waiting list is with PD 2005 and 2006, right? These two years might be the difficult ones to clear? any thoughts?

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  • immi2006
    05-15 09:47 AM
    I guess with the flood of application in - 485 stage could be stuck, do you think Cons Processing is a faster route ?

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  • boston_gc
    06-29 01:55 PM
    Yeah, but this also means that they are overwhelmed and can't process and approve 40K cases by July end. So overall, it might be good for us.

    1. I-140 processing times have been already adversely affected by almost everyone going in for premium processing... in one case (TSC, EB-3?) it went back to 2003
    2. there would definitely be a surge in the I-140's beginning July-- many going in for Premium Processing, which would certainly slow them down, and perhaps, make it impossible to guarantee a 15 day response
    4. possibly, they are helping speed up the AOS decisions

    Yes, it sucks that they are doing something like this with a less than 1 week notice!

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  • adGurkha
    09-14 03:19 PM
    Here are the list of Vaccinations that I was told to get. I had most of them already, some as a child and some when I came to school here.

    Influenza Type B
    Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids
    Hepatitis B

    Most of these can be done in couple of days but the Hepatitis B takes about six months. There are 3 shots which needs to be spread out to six months. If you need this one, then this is the time to do it.


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  • akred
    04-08 10:57 AM
    Another solution is to remove the dual intent nature of the H1B, and disallow filing of a green card petition for H1B holders. That will preserve the temporary nature of the H1B program and force a fresh look at the system for issuing green cards.

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  • imh1b
    02-16 08:41 AM
    I want to come to Advocacy day. If my plans change, I will contribute the amount I would have spent for my travel, food and stay in DC to IV.


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  • santb1975
    04-17 12:07 AM
    We need 125 more to reach our goal

    Just got one more membership!!

    Go Team IV

    We are now 25 strong!!

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  • eb3_nepa
    01-10 02:38 PM
    Hi guys,

    Is there a way to check your PERM status online using the receipt number? I tried researching it but did not find anything.


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  • gccovet
    08-08 12:59 PM

    I may as well tell my wife to accept the fact that she is likely to loose her job. Just got reply from my attorney to go for INFOPASS once 90 days have passed and request expedite.


    Did you do INFOPASS or Service Request? Is that the same or different?

    With Infopass appointment you get to meet IO (may be level I, or Level II) face-to-face, SR is done via phone.

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  • pitha
    04-07 10:14 AM
    most companies either want to hire contractors or outsource work so your statement "about real jobs for real employers" is not correct. The people working as contractors are infact working on real jobs for real US employers. Not many companies are willing to hire people on H1 on a full time basis because of all the costs associated with the H1 processing not to mention the paper work. They want to contract employees in general and not give full time jobs. If desi bodyshops are punished this way, then all of us will also be punished. and thats exactly what Ron hira wants.

    This would actually be a good idea. Then there would be more Visas available. Especially people with US Degrees. Most people with US degrees dont need to work for this fraudulent consulting firms. They are able to find real jobs with real US employers.


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  • Saralayar
    04-14 12:46 PM
    I guess we have enough people convinced and for those short sighted ones will have an option whether they want to get naturalized or live on their dear GCs so by that time if they educate themselves they will be convinced too.

    Now what are the next steps in chanelling this effort through IV Core?
    IV Core, please go through this thread and consolidate all the valid and genuine points and consider this for the phase 2 campaign...

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  • Canadian_Dream
    10-12 08:04 PM
    The fact is that most of Pre 2004 EB2 lot is already out of the system. Those who are still in are sufferer of namecheck and BECs.

    That's simply incorrect. Since EB-2 India was held up at Jan 2003 from Oct 2005 to June 2007, most EB-2 filers from 2003 and 2004 are still very much out there and waiting. You have to remember that most 2003/04 EB-2 filers from California/NY/NJ/WA were rotting in BEC. High demand states have not approved any labors with 2003-2004 PD's before 2005 when BEC started to approve them. But this was too late as dates were already retrogressed, thus for almost 2 years there was build up for 2003/04 EB-2 cases. I know a lot of them personally.

    The only exception to this might be: There were very few cases filed in EB-2 during 2003 and 2004, but that is hard to believe.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-16 09:10 PM
    Rest assured............I have checked out the blog and freaked out after I saw your timing :)

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Hey Girijas,

    Thanks for your confidence in me, but it is all relative, I think I am a slow, average runner, slower than most of my running friends.

    When I started running 10 years ago, my goal on the indoor track was to go around the track 2 times without having to stop and walk. Those 2 rounds made up a small distance of less than a quarter of a mile! So you see, small goals can one day lead you to a 26.2 mile goal as well :)

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  • santb1975
    04-06 09:27 PM
    and meeting you all

    NolaIndian, Good work, thank you for your efforts on this.

    Nor. Cal. members there is an event during August '08, lets start training early, I am excited about this. Sign me up.


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  • satishku_2000
    06-13 11:44 PM
    It is indeed unfair to the people whose applications are struck in BEC forever. The people who are still stuck in BEC are the very first ones to enter the queue. The BECS are now processing oldest cases now.

    My guess is dates are going to move back by september any way and the probability of one getting GC who files in next month before the dates move back is very low.

    Most of us here have to get ready for 5 or 6 years on EAD any way.

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  • amitjoey
    08-03 05:27 PM

    yes, thats what my lawyer says as well ... under section 245 k which applies to employment based GC applications, we can file follow-to-join within 180 days. In the mean time h4 status gets nulled and we should not travel out of the country.

    I believe that as soon as you file under section 245k, your spouse will be eligible for EAD, AP.

    Also, I have heard that 245k is straightforward and will be granted quickly- meaning your spouse will be granted gc in a couple months.


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  • alisa
    02-01 07:12 PM
    Can someone please translate into simple english what all this means?
    What happens when you strike all those freaking paras, and add all those freaking "ands" .....

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  • xyzgc
    01-23 03:33 PM

    I agree with your message that immigrants should clear their dues before they leave. I'm of the belief that, even if they complete 36 points in Social security when they leave, they should leave honorably without any dues/liabilities. That is the choice we made knowing the repercussions.

    Yes, that is the basic message.

    Having said that, the way you pursued your argument in the context of non-GC holders having a home is not correct, in my opinion.

    I am completely opposed to non-GC holders buying a house. Tell me something - tomorrow I get out of status and can't find a job for 6 months and finally decide to leave, you think I am a fool to use up all my savings to disburse loans??? Its unthinkable. 6 months without a job is not far-fetched, I know several folks who were in the this situation. Without an employer my immigration status would be invalid. EAD/H1-B is not GC. Either you are a gc holder or you aren't.

    Buying house is optional, paying off the mortgage is NOT.
    I would buy if my family had dual incomes, we had our permanent resident status, long term plans to live in the US, income to house ratio was right (1:3 or something reasonable not 1:7 as it was/is with most middle class folks in the Bay area) and so on.

    This is decision one must very carefully make. Its not like buying a car or doing your groceries.
    I refrained from writing "you" instead wrote "one" and "I", I don't want to be misunderstood and beaten up on that:)

    "Make sure you pay off your mortgages if you do and cover all your liabilities" could have been rephrased as "Immigrants leaving MUST ensure that they pay off their mortgaes" with a strong emphasis on 'must'

    In any case, I don't have the same kind of writing skills as Slumdog. It must be evident by now. :)

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  • panky72
    06-11 02:10 PM

    Can someone please let me know whether it is possible / advisable to travel while H1 approval is pending?

    She is currently in H4 with a valid stamp in her passport. She filed for her H1 and was selected in lottery. She has a receipt but her approval is pending.

    We were interested in making a short trip to India before Oct 1. But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

    My thoughts are: The change of status will be effective Oct 1, 2008, why would it matter if I travel prior to that date?

    A lot of you may have experienced the same dilemma, so please let me know...


    Not advisable until you plan to stamp H-1 visa and come back on it.

    06-07 01:04 PM
    President Bush is in Nebraska promoting the immigration bill. Let's what impact that has!

    06-09 12:03 PM
    You all have been doing a great job. There is no stopping you'll now!

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