Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • eeezzz
    04-14 12:22 PM

    Just happen to see your signature file and found that you have a RD around end of June 2007 at TSC. I think we can use it as data reference to say TSC processing time will go to at least end of June 2007, from 04/30/2007. That is probably a good news for whose files in TSC.

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  • usirit
    05-27 12:07 PM
    Is the below template the one that you are referring to?
    Name, Company Name, Case Number, Filing Date, Audit Date and Signature at the end.
    Let us know about the address where it will need to be sent.

    Thank you for all your support and assistance with Ron...

    As the template is ready, I urge everyone to move and write the letter. But I am waiting for MMS reply as he has collected the details. So far I am not getting any response on this. Sooner you move, its better for you.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-03 02:58 PM
    No. Last year we had an RFE as my wife's medicals were missing a signature. As Pappu mentioned in another thread most of them were pre approved and were waiting on visa numbers I think.

    Thanks. My case was pre-approved in September 2009 (I have confirmed this fact twice (Infopass and Service Center officer) - now am looking at my inbox, sms, and US CIS account all day, waiting for any sign of approval

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  • sanjay02
    04-20 01:11 PM
    There is a fax number you can send a letter to expedite your EAD case. You need to mention that you are not able to work and will face extreme financial hardship if you do not recieve your EAD in time. we had sent a fax for our renewal last time and it worked.

    Can you plz share the fax#?


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  • caydee
    01-01 09:50 PM
    Hi Anshal,

    Please check this CSPA clause ( fb0) ( fb0)

    "(5) Visa Availability Date Regression . If a visa availability date regresses, and an alien has already filed a Form I-485 based on an approved Form I-130 or Form I-140, USCIS should retain the Form I-485 and note the visa availability date at the time the Form I-485 was filed. Once the visa number again becomes available for that preference category, determine whether the beneficiary is a “child” using the visa availability date marked on the Form I-485. If, however, an alien has not filed a Form I-485 prior to the visa availability date regressing, and then files a Form I-485 when the visa availability date again becomes current, the alien’s “age” should be determined using the subsequent visa availability date."

    Speak to your attorney and post his/her views please.


    I am confused about CSPA
    My child will turn 21 march 2009, currently on EAD from the I485 filling in July 07, I140 approved in July 07, PD is Feb 07. I have not received any letter from USCIS about the immigration age of child being locked in at filling. Where does my child stand now?.

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  • ita
    05-16 10:19 AM
    Called all of them

    Some of them said they would pass on the message (but I noticed they didn't make a note of the bills ..I was wondering if they know these bills on the top of their head). some of them said they have received lot of calls from IV.

    The person I spoke with(David) when I asked for Ruben Hinojosa said that Ruben Hinojosa is pro-immigration . He said he(David) spoke with the Congressman about these issues and said Rep. is aware of skilled immigration problems.He said that though ZOe Lofgren sub committe is sponsoring the bills Ruben is working with his colleagues in favour of the bills.
    Said Democrtas are trying to get a Democrat into '' (I don't remember where now, may be White House) so a broader immigration law can be passed.
    He said after August recess some of the immigration bills would be passed.

    Thank you.


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  • learning01
    02-01 08:43 PM
    US Senate Committe on Small Business and Enterprenership (

    Senate Passes Key Funding for Women�s Business Centers
    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today the U.S. Senate unanimously passed an amendment sponsored by Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.), Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), and John Sununu (R-N.H.) to create a grant program for established, successful Women's Business Centers around the country. The provision is now part of the minimum wage legislation being considered on the Senate floor.
    "I've been working for 21 years on the Committee to promote expanded entrepreneurial opportunities for women and secure funding for these centers which help turn ideas into jobs, start-ups into success," said Kerry, Chairman of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. "I cannot stress enough the vital role Women's Business Centers play in cities all around the country, like Boston and Worcester. This amendment ensures we will be providing women-owned small businesses the tools they need to grow and flourish."

    "We cannot afford to ignore, or minimize, the extraordinary contributions America's business women are making to our economy, our culture, and our future. The achievements of women entrepreneurs are undeniable. Women-owned firms generate almost $2.5 trillion in revenues. They employ more than 19 million workers and are the fastest growing segment of today�s economy. In my home state of Maine alone, more than 63,000 women-owned firms generate an astounding $9 billion in sales," said Snowe. "Today, I am pleased to join Small Business Committee Chairman John Kerry and Senator Sununu with this amendment so women small business owners have the resources, the support and the opportunities they need and deserve."

    Senator Sununu said: "Women's Business Centers contribute to the strength and diversity of the small business community, as we know from the great example set by Portsmouth's facility. Centers that have performed at a high level should have the option of applying for additional help to enable their important work to continue. The Senate�s action today marks an important step in the effort to preserve critical funding for WBCs in New Hampshire and across the country."

    The amendment is similar to language that passed out of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship last summer as part of S. 3778, the comprehensive Small Business Administration reauthorization bill, which is based on the Women's Business Center Sustainability Pilot Program Kerry created in 1999.

    Specifically, the amendment allows established Women's Business Centers to apply for 3-year grants on an ongoing basis. This permanent stream of federal funding is critical to helping the Centers secure matching private funds. This amendment also prohibits the Centers from sharing information about their clients without their consent, unless the information is required by a court order or to do an audit of the center.

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  • hazishak
    07-12 12:39 AM
    I agree. My experience thus far: I emailed 200 reporters and received no response. I am going to try the letters idea, because I too think what Amitjoey says is right-- letters make an impact.

    Write a letter, run a grammar/spell check, then print, SIGN, and send it to senators who support us. I wrote the following. But please personalize, because that would send the message that this is an issue of importance to you-- the writer.


    Senator Name, Address


    Subject: Thousands of properly filed EB Green Card applications likely to be rejected/ returned

    References/ Enclosures:
    � Interim Visa Bulletin by U S Department of State
    � USCIS announcement to stop accepting Adjustment Of Status applications

    Dear ____:

    I have been living in ___, USA for the last ___ months/ years. By profession, I am a ____, and I work for ___, a company based in ___.

    I am writing to bring to your attention the unprecedented decision made by US Department of State (DOS) on July 2, 2007 with its interim �visa bulletin�. With this bulletin, DOS determined that all the immigrant visa numbers allocated for the current financial year had been expended, and thus there would be no further authorizations of new Green Cards this year. In response, USCIS announced that it would return all Adjustment of Status applications it received, beginning July 2, 2007. Please note that the USCIS had already RECEIVED applications on the morning of July 2, 2007, even before DOS published this interim visa bulletin.

    In my opinion it is an unfortunate decision in that it virtually renders null and void, thousands of properly filed Employment Based Green Card- Adjustment of Status applications.

    An important thing to note here, is that in the Visa Bulletin published by DOS only 18 days ago (June 13, 2007) all Employment Based categories had been made �current� since almost 60000 immigrant visa numbers had been unused till that time.
    This begs the question: how did USCIS manage to approve about 60000 green cards in less than 3 weeks, when it took the previous 8 months to approve the same number of green cards?

    The Visa Bulletin published by DOS in June 2007, had brought good news to thousands of high-skilled temporary workers (doctors, engineers, IT professionals) in the USA, because the floodgates that had been closed for over 2 years had been re-opened.
    This bulletin had implied that we could finally apply for "Adjustment of Status"- the final stage of the 3 step Employment based Green card process. This would solve a number of quality of life issues for people like me, as they would allow our spouses to take up part or full time jobs, they would bring in an element of stability allowing me to plan the purchase of a new home, and it would give me the freedom of relocating to another part of the USA for any unforeseen reason, without worrying about the portability of my existing job.

    Therefore, my family and I worked really hard, and tried to religiously comply with all procedures laid out and submitted our application to reach the USCIS on the morning of July 2, 2007.

    Besides running around to gather the paperwork to help file in time, I had to spend a significant amount of money on:
    1) Urgent medical examinations and vaccinations by USCIS approved surgeon: $700. (Note: These were not covered by my medical insurance.)
    2) New passport photographs; these needed to be less than a month old... so these had to be newly taken photographs
    3) Notarization/ Courier charges: Approximately $100 (Some amount expended in foreign currency)

    All of the money spent, as well as the time and efforts were rendered useless by the new bulletin on July 2, 2007, which I repeat, was published AFTER the window opened for new applications on the morning of July 2, 2007.

    My point is, and I believe anyone with common sense would agree, it is only fair to expect a notice period before a reversal such as this one. Preferably... weeks of notice if not days! I am sure no US Citizen would accept anything less for a notice in such an important matter!

    I would implore you to look into this matter as soon as you can, and request the USCIS to accept Adjustment of Status applications filed through July 2007.

    Thank you.



    Instead of "as soon as you can", you could use �at your earliest convenience�.


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  • legal_la
    07-10 06:07 PM
    My wife got her H1b petition approved but not the change of status, that is she did not get the I94 along with the approval (she was outside the country at the time of approval). I know that she should be going out of the country and get the visa before she can start working. But After some research I found that there is another option, which is filing "amendment petition".

    Has anyone done this before. If anyone has done this please share your experiences.

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  • GCAmigo
    04-24 12:49 PM
    even if it is a conversion, it will bve included under the cap.. ie lottery.. which process has begun & people are getting notified that their case has been picked up vai the lottery.. pl check with your attorney


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-09 03:05 PM
    I am in. If I choose 5K now, can i later "upgrade" to half marathon?

    Yes Needhelp, just like EB3 to EB2 you can port from 5K to Half or Full Marathon but as Santb1975 said, only if the marathon and full marathon have not reached registration max of 18,000. They estimate this max will be reached by August this year.

    I will get the Team IV Membership Form to you this evening!!


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  • a_yaja
    04-12 10:54 PM
    I efiled the EAD application and in the confirmation page, I got instructions to mail supporting documents to NSC. I mailed copy of the efiled receipt, copy of current EAD card which expired end of July 2010 and a copy of I-485 receipt.

    My question is - are things different for efiled applications?


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  • ramus
    06-14 08:40 AM
    Total Iv members - 14,002...

    Way to go.

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  • raj2007
    06-13 11:15 PM
    There will be a few lucky ones indeed. Those who get I-485 cleared within 3 - 4 months. But retrogression will kick in ( as applications get approved ) and the PD of 2003,2004 etc will become valuable.

    It happened in 1999-2000 when they made all the dates current for 3 months and after that it went back by 3 years.But good thing this time is that you can change the jobs after 6 months.


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  • vrbest
    03-11 02:25 PM
    Yes. You can provide new address. I have done this twice and had no issues.

    My current passport has my old India residential address. Now, my parents have moved to a new address. When I apply for new passport, can I provide my new India address?Do I have to provide any proof for that?Has anyone had this situation?

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  • BharatPremi
    04-14 01:48 PM
    two reasons

    one, to vote, exercise a democratic principle, you can't complain about the government unless you actively participated.

    two, I have 3 kids, and it's likely they'll stay here, my 12 year olds were 3 when we first arrived. My lawyer highly recommended we consider citizenship after another client had challenges. Despite good parenting this guy's kids got into trouble with the law, to the extent that they had their green cards revoked and they were in deportation process. However had they been US citizens whilst there were consequences they wouldn't have their citizenship revoked.

    Not great reasons for some...

    Q 1: What if one's native country is also a democracy?
    Q 2: If one is already a citizen of democratic country other than US and same scenario will happen then one's kids will not have revoked citizenship (That other country's) as well if one decides to maintain his/her original citizenship ...


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  • newbie2020
    05-18 07:37 AM
    In addition to calling the CHC members, We may be better off in getting support from individual law makers if we target each one individually ( Law makers who have been pro legal immigration ) If 10 members call such law makers it would help them make up their minds and show support for these bills

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • saggita
    05-28 09:20 AM
    I select option 2. I believe this will work out if all of us participate.

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  • andy garcia
    02-28 02:38 PM
    thanks andy. I am planning to use old PD , since I have a previously approved labour from EB3 ( i am trying for eb2 this time) do I need the original copy of the I-140 approval from my old employer? thanks.

    This is taken from one of the Bulletins issued by the CIS.

    Determining the priority date: Under INA � 203(f), immigrant visas are available in the order in which the underlying visa petition was filed. The �priority date� determines an alien�s �place in line.� For EB-1immigrants, the priority date is the date the employer files the Form I-140 with USCIS. For EB-2 and EB-3 immigrants, the priority date is the date the employer applies for the labor certification, if an individual labor certification is required. If an individual labor certification is not required, the priority date is the date the employer files the Form I-140 with USCIS. If the alien is the beneficiary of more than one Form I-140, the priority date for EACH Form I-140 is the priority date for the earliest Form I-140.

    I think that all you need is a copy of the I-140 approval.

    03-20 12:43 PM
    You mentioned Stimulus package and ITIN issue, as I remember people with spouses having ITIN didn't get any rebate...

    That is for the 2008 stimulus. They were going to do the same in 2009, but it was reversed at the last minute. I am sorry I could not get the 2008 stimulus overturned. The best we were able to do was the HEART Act, which only helps those who are active military. However, the 2009 stimulus is available for everyone. This time it is not a one time payment, but you will see a small increase in your monthly paycheck.

    07-19 06:01 PM

    A 2002 PD would get GC earlier that 2006 PD, even though the 2006 PD may get EAD/AP and other benefits earlier. EAD and AP have nothing to do with PD, only I-485 depends on PD.

    Have you got this info from a truely realiable source? It seems there are 2 different opinions about this process, that's why I'm asking. I think it's fair to go by PD, but how CIS could sort out earlier PD from tens of thousands of applications is another question.

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