Sunday, July 3, 2011

Landslides In Brazil

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  • natrajs
    09-01 07:03 PM
    Congratulations to the IV members who reported approvals today 20090901 :

    inskrish - May-04 - TSC :)
    Nashim's Co-worker - Nov 2004 - NSC :)
    cokeraj - Jun-04 - NSC :)
    NolaIndian 32 - 04/30/2004 -TSC :)
    GCWhru's Wife - Sep-04 :)
    priderock - 10/2004 :)
    lotus26 - Sep 2004 :)
    srsga - Jun 04 :)

    Let's see How tomorrow will fare? :)

    Congrats to all , And Best Wishes

    Continue your support to IV

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  • mdcowboy
    02-02 02:46 PM
    I never saw anything like this it is far worse than the government municipality office. There is only one lady at the counter nearly 200 people waiting. She is doing things at her own pace. They were fighting over missing $10s, nepotism etc,is prevailing, they have an official line and an unofficial line. It looks like a shack than a consulate. Burger shack is better than India Consulate. After more than a month I am still waiting for my PP.

    I went to the DC embassy to submit my passport on December 9th. The line was long and the lady was efficient. the only problem is if you don't have any of the docs, you are out...need to come back again..and the DC website is the worst of all...does not give all the documents required. I had all of mine and was done in an hours time. I was asked to come back on Jan 29th thats a month and a half later.

    I come back and the place is like a movie ticket counter for the first day first queue..not organized...people just walk in the front of the counter and gather even though they see a line..also the lady at the counter was RUDE...throws the passport right at you...there was favoritism to the department of state guys who came seeking visas!

    Landslides In Brazil. landslides in Brazil,
  • landslides in Brazil,

  • StarSun
    03-21 02:18 PM
    Situation Room for the event will be shortly announced along with the conference call # for all the registered members attending the event.
    Thank you.

    2011 BRAZIL Felipe Dana/AP Landslides In Brazil. Brazil landslide
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  • Kodi
    05-08 08:13 AM
    How long does it take for a decision under EB2? I know the usual is 90 days but from your experiances is there a chance of an approval earlier?

    Thank you.


    Landslides In Brazil. Landslides in Brazil
  • Landslides in Brazil

  • H1bslave
    05-30 09:08 AM
    Being out of status means staying illegal, which is perfect scenario for getting Z visa.... almost hit the lottery :)

    Landslides In Brazil. Poor Brazil!
  • Poor Brazil!

  • willwin
    10-08 03:37 PM
    So, from what I read in this thread:

    * EB2 (India/China) may not have MANY cases with PD earlier than 2005 as only after retrogression (in 2005), EB2 started piling up.

    * Most 2001/2002 EB3 cases are approved (in June/July/August 2007) and they may be still receiving approvals off numbers reserved for them in June/July 2007. Hence, the natural movement for EB3 to 2003 in the near future.

    * If most of the EB3 cases filed in June/Juy are not processed by USCIS by next June (2008), then PD may become current during the last quarter of FY 2008 (or atleast to end of 2006). If enough cases are approved (and pending for VISA numbers), then it may move only to 2004 or early 2005.

    * EB2 - same logic as above - it may become current or move to early 2006.

    Makes sense?


    Landslides In Brazil. Landslides in Brazil
  • Landslides in Brazil

  • raj2007
    04-13 09:24 PM
    GC is an extension of H1B issued for 10 years and gives freedom to change the employer. Citizenship is different and do not compare GC with Citizenship.

    That's not correct. There is big difference between h1B annd GC and it is not for 10 years. it is for ever unless you don't fulfill some conditions.

    2010 landslides in Brazil, Landslides In Brazil. A landslide swept away dozens
  • A landslide swept away dozens

  • vedicman
    04-20 08:10 AM
    I am in PA, and am filing EAD for the first time.
    How long does it take to get approval?
    which center do I send the application to?
    e filing or paper filing is better?

    Thank you for helping.


    Landslides In Brazil. caused massive landslides.
  • caused massive landslides.

  • pitha
    01-17 02:28 PM
    I just signed up for a recurring 20$ payment. Should havve signed up yesterday itself. Hope others follow

    hair Brazil landslide Landslides In Brazil. flooding and landslides in
  • flooding and landslides in

  • akhilmahajan
    08-01 03:25 PM
    I tried to take the appointment and i got dates for me.
    Where are you located at?

    GO IV GO.


    Landslides In Brazil. in landslides in Brazil
  • in landslides in Brazil

  • H4_losing_hope
    04-14 01:39 PM
    hi there,

    Just wanted to post that my husband and I finally had our embassy interview for our greencards and are back in the states approved and very happy!

    Our interview appointment came very quickly, within 3 weeks of the March visa bulletin. I wish you all the same fortune and hope that the priority dates open up considerably for you all.

    My best.

    EB3 ROW
    PD August 2003, consular processing

    hot Landslides in Brazil Landslides In Brazil. BRAZIL Felipe Dana/AP
  • BRAZIL Felipe Dana/AP

  • kzinjuwadia
    05-16 04:31 PM
    My PD is May 16 2006 and got the cards in today's (May 16 2011) mail. Strange co-incidence! :)


    house razil mudslide aftermath: Landslides In Brazil. landslides in Brazil,
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  • sanju
    05-19 09:26 AM
    Oh is paraphrasing the news article:
    Nothing new about that, he is copying news from here and there most of the time. But he provides good service to the community by keep an eye on whatever is going on.

    These developments indicate the things are progressing well and we are on the right track. That's why, as a last measure, CHC had to do a press conference on the steps of the Congress to put pressure on the House Leadership/Speaker. It shows that CHC and House leadership are on opposing side of the issue and that is why CHC had to openly show this difference of opinion. It indicates that the House leadership have made a decision about moving forward the Lofgren bills. This news item indicates an excellent development.

    And it appears, while CHC is putting pressure on House leadership for not doing Lofgren bills, IV is asking us all to call (and put pressure) on CHC members to support Lofgren bills. Smart move, I will call again today.

    lost_stranger, I suggest we not attack the undocumented because it doesn't help us in any way, rather attacking undocumented hurts us all the way. CHC is doing some impression management to show it to their constituents saying that they did all that they could. This is a healthy development and lets look at the positive side indicating we are on the track of progress. Lets all of us call the members Admin have asked us.

    News from Oh Law:
    05/18/2008: Frustrated Hispanic Caucus Exploded on the Door Step of Congress

    Report indicates that they've held a press conference on the steps of a House office building to denounce their leadership's willingness to cater to immigration critics by holding hearings on enforcement measures proposed by endangered Democratic moderates. Rep. Joe Baca, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, was steamed. Latinos had become a political "punching bag" this year, the California Democrat complained recently, attacked by "the misinformed" and "the misguided." They've threatened to block progress on immigration proposals backed by business interests and pushed by key Democrats, such as special visas for high-tech workers or agricultural help, unless leaders also move forward with comprehensive immigration legislation. Lawmakers in the 20-member Hispanic Caucus know they are not going to get their political wish this year: another shot at comprehensive immigration legislation, something that died in the Senate last year. But they are frustrated that their party has not been aggressive at pushing back against the heated rhetoric of the Right. If alienated Latinos stay home from the polls in November, it could cost Democrats dearly in closely contested local elections in Texas, Arizona and other states. And if Hispanics conclude that their party is no different on immigration than Republican presidential candidate John McCain — a longtime supporter of comprehensive reform— it could tip the balance to the GOP in presidential contests in swing states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.

    The CHC has a single point agenda and that is amnesty for illegals. They feel that if they have the issues for legal immigrants tied along with this, they can try to obtain this amnesty in the guise of "comprehensively reforming the entire US immigration system". They are single minded and will not waver because of repeated communication from us legal immigrants. We are not a consideration for them and they will do their best to torpedo our bill. I think a better plan would be to target all the other legislators and let them know how we feel and how important this bill is for us future citizens. This is just my opinion and is not intended to demoralise anyone or hamper this campaign.

    tattoo Poor Brazil! Landslides In Brazil. landslides in Brazil,
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  • summitpointe
    05-11 10:28 AM
    12 years in US. Engg grad from India. Had 6 yeras of work exp before joing the current employer. Working with the current employer for 8 years now.


    Priority date Sep 2004
    I-140 Approved in Nov 2005
    I-485 Filed for both my wife and myself in July 2007

    EB2 porting

    Started new process with same employer in September 2010
    Applied PERM in Jan 2011 and got approved in 10 days
    Applied I-140 in April 2011 and got approved in one week
    Priority date recaptured and I-140 has the old priority date (Sep 2004) and same A# as previous one
    Opened SR with USCIS in first week of May 2011
    Informed customer service that my Priority date is outside normal processing time
    Received an e-mail after couple of days "There are no visas available to process your I-485 application. Your priority date is EB3 September 2004 which is later that the cut-off listed on the visa bulletin for your preference. Thank you for your time. This inquiry will be considered closed."

    Any ideas or help is much appreciated.


    pictures Landslides in Brazil Landslides In Brazil. and landslides in Brazil
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  • msyedy
    05-17 08:48 AM
    1. After Green card, how long do i MUST live in the same state where Labor was originally issued?

    2. What are the advantages of AC21 after 180 days for Green Card move prespective?

    3. What are question expected in Green Card interview?

    4. How long does the EAD typically takes these days after I-485 filing?

    Please search for forums on this website on EAD, AC21. There you will find a lot of dicussions and answers to all of your question. People would appreciate if you search rather then starting a new thread


    dresses BRAZIL Felipe Dana/AP Landslides In Brazil. parts of Brazil triggered
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  • pappu
    09-30 08:39 AM
    I decided to join you as a monthly Donor today.

    It looks like your organization is the only one doing anything concrete to help legal immigrants. I had trouble finding support on other immigration sites.

    This is request to other members and forum browsers, guests to also support their effort.

    The recession has been tough, but if I had to choose, my immigration is more important to me than cable TV.

    Thank you. Welcome to IV.


    makeup caused massive landslides. Landslides In Brazil. razil mudslide aftermath:
  • razil mudslide aftermath:

  • illusions
    04-08 05:18 PM
    There are lot of support and response for this thread and can Core IV team consider this to be included in their Phase 2 campaign?. It will be an added feature for our to be legal immigrant community. ^^ Bump^^

    IMHO this would be great. i know i will be here supporting IV even after i get my GC. The truth of the matter is most users disappear as soon as they get their GC and stop supporting the greater cause (correct me if i'm wrong) of getting one's citizenship. I'm pretty sure we will probably see more users joining in to support this phase.

    Then there are also the ones, that have the mindset that since getting the GC most of the weight is lifted off ones shoulders, and one can do pretty much (not all of course) anything that a citizen can. So the waiting for 5 years is not a burden to most. I'm not too sure if this is the case with everybody, but some that i know feel that way....

    girlfriend landslides in Brazil, Landslides In Brazil. a landslide in Teresopolis
  • a landslide in Teresopolis

  • Saralayar
    04-07 03:44 PM
    May be we can also try to reduce the retirement benefit age from 65 (or may be 67, or 70 I really don't know, whatever it is) 60. That will be tremendous help for early retirement. What do you say Mr/Mrs. Saralayar?
    Good idea Mr/Mrs. gc4me.. Keep it up... Think... think... and come with such innovative ideas.... You can only think this much....

    hairstyles in landslides in Brazil Landslides In Brazil. and landslides in Brazil
  • and landslides in Brazil

  • kumar1
    01-23 11:23 AM
    Just one point Slumdog -- You know, I have never seen anyone who rents, writing this kind of a story and justifying his decision. I wonder, why not? Why do YOU have to justify over here? Are you justifying to others or you are justifying to yourself?

    You put too much stress on "quality of life". One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment.

    I keep telling my wife that our apartment looks small only when she goes to department stores and shops like crazy. Our walk-in-closet is the nearest thing to a Black Hole. Mass density is so high in that area that pretty soon even light would not come out of it.

    I strongly believe in "Simple Living, High Thinking". I can not say I implement it all the time, however, I try to keep it in my mind during my decision making process.

    Slumdog, You have great writing skills.

    07-04 07:43 PM
    if someone with a PD of before July 2007 that is with EAD, ports to EB 2, will they lose their EAD card/status??

    05-29 02:12 PM

    I applied my EAD Renewal on April 5th. I have receipt with me but my EAD is not approved. Right now I don't have any other option other then EAD. I am little bit worried. Please let me if anyone on the same board. as well pls let me know and what are my options. EAD is going expire on end of July.


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