Monday, July 4, 2011
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  • senthil1
    06-14 05:45 PM
    When new system comes those who are in older system are impacted. That is always happening. If CIR comes with point system then those who are applying in 2008 will get gc within a few months and those who are waiting for years and years will wait for more years. So it depends on when you come and when you apply

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  • sbabunle
    06-07 08:33 PM
    Rep Bilbray elected from Sandiego is viewed as a victory
    over amnesty and the common emotion of the whole country
    Read on CNN

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  • perm2gc
    03-23 02:20 PM

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  • snathan
    04-10 12:15 PM

    I noticed someone posted this in one other thread. I just noticed this as the 3rd headlines on CNN home page.

    If you really contributed $2400 as you say in your post and if you are really EB3 with PD 2003, then you wouldnt be asking others or me the questions. You didnt list a single action item that makes obvious sense to most people here.

    Do you want me also to write below " I contributed $8000 so far".. Do you think it will make anyone to even contribute a $ here unless they see a point. Wake up and come up with a better plan.

    what is the point of asking you the question when you are just blank...? is it going make any one's life any better.? I still remember you are not even able to send the $25 check and want to put 'contributed $8000'. Dont you think its funny?:rolleyes:


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  • saileshdude
    04-22 02:37 PM
    Does this mean it is better to efile and send the documents to respective service center instead of doing based paper based filings . This will be faster. Any suggestions?

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-29 12:08 PM
    Immigration law has retracted the advisory about the possibility of USCIS stopping acceptance of I-485s


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  • neelu
    03-22 04:25 PM
    Welcome to today's new members -
    GC_IS_PITA, santosh19, rpraveenkumar, longerwait, thiru712, tselvan, eswarv
    vik_reg, samirk, rezamm, jaswinder_saini, forall, excel, naradmuni, suketu10, cpr_con
    mikkisu, divyarajesh, rtiwari73, gherbst, pb25, StillaDreamer, Ajoshi, rajpalanki,
    anandv17, mbpmog, deepti_nk, deepikak, guyms, wask, reachsenthilkumar
    itskumaran, Basu, kowtha, psacoto, tanusuneja, giddu, Eira, nileshilpa, pravikum
    frizzarim, vicsthedude, gitk, vnagesh, sathyareddyk, kevinC, kentatsutheslasher
    zoxtannin, Jay_, MarchMadness2007!!!

    My earnest request on behalf of IV is to take the time to learn what what IV is trying to achieve for all of us. And then please do your might to help with the cause.

    Specifically, please contribute - both monetarily and also by passing the good word around about IV.

    Now that you have joined IV, each of you, please introduce just one member to IV.

    We have been making great progress with this campaign and hope we'll have your support in making this a strong voice representing the 500000 immigrants that retrogression affects!

    Thank you for joining and your support.

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  • The7zen
    07-14 03:42 PM
    I agree totally!! I understand the need for IV not to lobby for just one community EB2 or
    EB3...but the fact is that all we see is movement in EB2 and no to very little movement in EB3....the most retrogessed and most in need community is EB3...

    For new people like us, how do we get motivated for donation and all these things when we see rest of the people who are doign this still waiting for months to see some light at the end of the tunnel??
    I think what would help is an action plan by IV stating what they would be doing in weeks or months to come....
    may be do a campaign like a flower campaign or something to really get the attention if not this beginning of next year, when we think that CIR may be moving....
    I think we are lacking an action plan here....and may be thats what we need for new people to get motivated towards....

    Mr. Pagal,
    Its very unfortunate, that most of us are very active only when a Visa Bulletin is released, bickering about EB1, EB3, EB1 etc. Then the topic dies until the next visa bulletin is released.
    There are plenty of action items to do, have you checked those, I recommend you do that ASAP. Mind that the IV core also has a professional and personal life, no one pays them to do what they do at IV. Simply pointing fingers at others will not help with our cause. Contributing some $$ is also an action Item, I suggest you start with that.

    Have a good one!!


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  • venkatesan.chinnaraju@gma
    06-11 01:53 AM

    I am on the same board. I am also planning the samething.

    1) After 11 weeks that is next week Friday call the customer service and raise a Service Request
    2) Within 2 wks no response, on 90th day I will walk into the local office (SFO) and ask for interim EAD.
    3) If Still create the issues, packe the bags and go back to home country. It is really bad,
    getting frustrating for everything no regulare process and always waiting.

    So I give up, I applied on april 1st and still waiting no updates:mad:

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  • gc28262
    07-13 04:46 PM
    Dont you want to include the EB3 unused visa from worldwide? just the way EB2 got this time!

    This is highlited in Aug VB thread too

    following is pasted from VB link (

    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. If there is to be any chance of spillover from EB3 ROW, EB3 ROW would be close to current, at least much farther than 2004.


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  • SGP
    03-22 08:18 PM
    I will really appreciate your suggestions friends.
    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a question as follows. I was with an old company and transferred the H1 in the 9th year to the new company. I already had my Labor and I-140 approved with the old company (EB3-I Category).
    After switching to this new company I had to start my PERM all over again as I missed the July 2007 boat and could not file for I-485. My new company is based in L.A.-California. I am already drawing my salary from new company. They only have office in L.A. I work for them from my home office in NJ. Today the company's attorney called & asked me that I needed to have L.A. residential address as it is required to be stated on the application. I have no intentions to move to L.A. in near future. I am in a fix now as to how to go about this. I will appreciate all you gurus and experts advice and also please advise me repercussions if any.
    Please help.

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

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  • ronhira
    09-26 08:14 PM


    Whatever you or I (or similar people) say is only going to get us red dots. Even if EB2 people talk sense, no one in EB3 is going to listen. It is simple human behaviour - we are all here to safeguard our own interests. Not still sure if the forum is going to side with EB3 or remain neutral. Surely they can support EB3 - they have the liberty to do so and it is perfectly right. In that case, EB2 should create their own platform to defend their interests... May be EB2 guys should think about it...In my opinion, everyone has the right in a democracy to work legally towards their goal / ambition . This is absolutely jutsified. It is not a sin. All that I am trying to say is that EB2 folks should be proactive and act before it is too late.
    If EB3 were to race ahead of EB2 tomorrow, will they support EB2 or work for equitable distribution? How many amongst EB3 have used the Labor substitution to their advantage? Will they back out now? Let them touch their heart and answer this, instead of giving red dots :)

    i fully support eb3 becoz their backlog and pain is more severe...... but fragmenting everyone in smaller groups..... like eb3 v/s eb2 v/s eb1 will not fix any problem...... i think there are anti-immigrants or people from other tracker websites who create fake ids to make people to fight with each other..... look at this eb2_unite guy..... she/he created his id today and is suggesting creating a new group of eb2...... i know for certain ..... 1000% certain that he will not do anything about creating a group...... he is writing inflammatory posts so that people here are divided and continue to talk rubbish......

    this a$$ (eb2_unite) and other like him should be collectively shunned by everyone...... we are all educated and we should use our brain.... at least sometimes..... to see beyond the obvious when some a$$ writes inflammatory posts......


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  • chalapathim
    01-18 08:08 PM
    Contributed $20 per month.

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  • raju123
    02-02 09:48 AM
    End of suspense drama

    No immigration provisions with HR 2

    02/02/2007: Senate Passed H.R. 2 Without Immigration Reform Bills

    * During the debate, the immigration reform bill introduced by Senator Kerry as Title VI was agreed to, but it appears that at the last minute the immigration reform bills were sliced off along with all other bills which are not related to the minimum wage in passing H.R. 2 at 5:00 p.m. by the Senate. We incorrectly reported the immigration bills were part of the H.R. 2 which the Senate passed yesterday. The final H.R. 2 bill passed by the Senate is expected to go to the Senate-House Conference committee.


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  • illusions
    04-01 10:35 AM
    I only counted 7. But strangely enough, there's an approval for a 04/03/2007 PD. (The user Horus). I guess he is just very lucky!!!

    yeah 7 for EB3 total of 12 incl EB2. Horus, is one lucky guy i guess.

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-12 07:22 PM
    Where is famously liberal "lion" Kennedy in all this. He is the counterpart to Lofgren. When you are the chair of the subcommitte on Immigration you are supposed to be a leader on these kind of issues. Really disappointing.
    Are you kidding ? Check out the CIR.
    Did you not call his office during the CIR days & get crestfallen at how little they cared for Legals ?


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  • LOL123
    08-13 11:40 AM
    I was current per the june VB and the Texas processing dates were current tat that time too.... but no change in status.

    Are you current per augVB

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  • Totoro
    03-19 06:57 PM
    As some of you know, I have been working with news media, government leaders, and immigration lawyers over the past year because of the stimulus debacle. As a result, I have developed some strong contacts in government. I will be meeting some congressional immigration staffers in the next few days and I have developed a list of issues to discuss. If you want to post your own issues, feel free to do so in this thread and I will add them to the list. These are the same people who helped get the last stimulus bill changed in our favor, so they do have influence.

    PLEASE be brief - bullet points would be good.

    Also links to articles to support your concerns are welcome. I will put together a package to hand out at the meeting.

    I thought of posting a poll on this thread, but decided it would be better to leave the discussion open ended.

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  • aroranuj
    05-15 04:24 PM
    It was quick and painless....called all offices in 10 mins and most took the message. They are going to start getting a lil curt as it seems they are receiving a lot of calls, however our purpose is to FLOOD them with calls so keep calling guys!!!:p

    02-01 12:56 PM
    Chaya, We are going back to India on personal choice. My manager here knows very clearly that I cannot take up promotions and the HR does not want to do eb3-->eb2 conversion. So, I took up this crap for a while, and decided to put an end to this misery once and for all. And fortunately the same company is offering me a job in India at a good designation with good compensation. Also, we were missing out (esp my kids) were missing out lot of things happening in India, which they want to be a part of. Original idea was to stay in US for 10 years and go, only difference is now, we did spend that 10 years but still dont have our GC. Another important thing that we considered was , it becomes more difficult to take this decision when we have GC in hand because, as much as it helps to stay in US, it avoids us from leaving US too, and to wait for citizenship is another 5 years from that point, which could all take easily 6 years to the minimum from today. Thats why we wanted to make it easy on us, and do this now.

    Looking back, would I re-do this GC process one more time - no, but am I happy to be a part of IV - you bet I am. Thats the bottom line.

    Looking back, labor certification was the problem for lot of EB3 folks even though they were current at I485 stage. There was so much backlog (5 years or more) in certain states. While certain states could get the labor approved in a couple of months. People with older PD than yours could get greencards before Sept 2005. Smart guys changed their jobs and went to states where labor was quick. There was lack of awareness and easy availability of information as we have on IV now. Even now fortunate folks are changing jobs and filing under EB2 to significantly shorten their wait times. The whole Green card wait is a career killer for many and that is sad.

    Between 2001- 2005 nobody did anything about the labor backlogs. The community was only anonymously browsing forums. There was lack of initiative and courage among the community. All people could do was look upto attorney or HR to do a miracle for them. I wish those folks between 2001-2005 did something like forming IV then. After IV was formed in Dec 2005 we focused our attention on Labor department to clear backlogs. Remember Backlog elimination centers? Folks today are just very fortunate that they can get Labor approved in a few months. I do not see the same amount of pain and desperation in the new people as I have seen in old timers. Many new filers still think that if their labor could come in few months, I1140 could come in another few months, their I485 should be coming in the mail very soon. It is only when they lose job, or their employer revokes their I140, or face problems in the process they start worrying about Greenecard, read more about what backlogs are and want to play an active part in IV.

    08-14 01:05 PM
    I filed for my wife's EAD in the late May (e-file TSC).
    Receipt date is May 29th.
    Soft LUD on June 6th
    FP done on June 21st

    no updates, no changes after...

    no updates, no soft LUDs on the case yet. It's been 74 days

    My wife called USCIS last week. The customer rep was nice to talk but he gave no additional information than the online status update. He said you can call after 75 days and open a service request. So we plan to call tomorrow.

    i'mpuzzled what's going on with the case...

    has anyone in the similar situation opened a SR or taken infopass appointment? I'm thinking to take infopass but i guess it needs 90 days to be completed before that.. please share your experiences..

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