Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 4 Reasons SEX is dangerous in the Shower

    Top 4 reasons you should not have sex in the shower.

    I am going to share with you today; my top (4) FOUR reasons why having sex in the shower can be dangerous.

    You ask how I know this, well from personal experience of course. Come on people, pay attention.

    This is very important information that everyone needs to know. As they say around my work place, “We don’t need any recordables today people”.

    So here is My list of d o n ’t ’s. Of course, you have to take into consideration this is theWinder household we are talking about. Pretty much anything goes.  The Winders have a whole different set of rules you know.

    #1 you should not shave in the shower if your planning on sex. Definitely make sure you remove all razors from the shower first. You do not want any accidents involving the wiener. Ouch, that can be painful. In addition, that can result in no sex that day.
    #2 I do not reconmend it  if  you have a small shower area where there is not enough room for a linebacker size man and a small women at the same time. Let me just say flying like an eagle, a loofah sponge and ass crack can result in a wrist or head injury.

    #3 Shower sex can also result in putting your neck/back out. If you have just the standard size tub, you should never, I repeat  n e v e r  try and lie down in the tub and have sex. That most definitely can result in week’s worth of chiropractor visits. Also your co-workers will only believe you so many times, after saying you don't know how you put your back out.

    #4 Shampoo/Conditioner can cause a real rukus in the shower. You know sometimes bottles leak and run down the side of the tub. If you are screwing around in the shower in the dark doggy style and don’t know there is a “slick” spot this can seriously cause a pulled groin injury as a result of trying to over compensate.

    So what have you learned today people?
    That it is without a doubt
    very dangerous
    to have sex in the shower.
     If you insist on trying it anyways,
    don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.
    Fuck at your own risk.

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