Wednesday, March 17, 2010


    I know you might think sometimes I need a filter and maybe sometimes I do.

    But that is just how I roll. Besides, my friends who are around me the most seem to be ok with it. No one has ever really called me out on something that I have said.

    I get that there can be a fine line between being bitchy for the sake of being bitchy and being brutally honest.

    My biggest problem is my daughter is just like me. I know that it really isn’t a huge problem/deal in the grand Scheme of things. It’s just she is a bit more abrasive than I am. I totally believe in honesty is the best policy. Even if that means sometimes you don’t like what I have to say. I think having an outgoing personality and being honest are two good qualities to have.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    What I really want to know is that kind of behavior/attitude a heredity thing or a learned trait? Or is there another word for that kind of behavior/personality? Strong willed?

    In the world today, I think it’s kinda good to not care so much about what others think. I feel it’s good to listen to people’s opinions but not necessarily to run your life by what others have to say.

    Sometimes that can be hard when you’re young. You spend most of all your time worrying about what others think. Very few kids are leaders. The majority are followers.

    So if you have a strong willed, expressive, creative, carefree child, I say help them shine in anyway you can. I know sometimes that can be hard (specifically during the teen years) but who knows who they will become in the future. The world can be their oyster.

    Don’t you want to be part of the reason they became such a successful person?

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