Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • Caliber
    09-24 02:39 PM
    We should also be debating why the PD for Mexico EB3 is higher than India when they have more people in the queue before their PD. I would take the numbers with a grain of salt or at the least not forget the past... as someone said if we dont learn from our history, history will repeat itself.

    You are 100% right. IV Core also got wrong data from CIS. Core is following up with the CIS. But as you said, EB3-I will not get any spill overs. There are 45K EB3-I's and we see hardly 100-200 in this forum. We need many people and I feel still people do not realize the grave situation.

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  • baburob2
    02-01 07:30 PM
    please clarify on the below.

    i odn't think it passed. what was included in the amendment is s1121 and not s113 that has our provisions. please clarify.

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  • delhirocks
    04-14 06:49 AM
    Efiled for EAD on Mar 29th
    Receipts received on April 6th
    EAD expires July 15th.

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  • indianabacklog
    08-02 03:19 PM
    It is good to see the combined Immigration community efforts are bringing results. However, it appears that no attention is being paid to raise the issue of children ageing out because of visa retrogression and delay in labor clearance. The Child Status Protection Act(CSPA) passed in the year 2002 hardly provides any relief to I-140 based immigration petitions. While for I-130 (for US Citizens) applicants the date of child is frozen on the date of submission of I-130 form it-self, but for employment based immigrant applicants this Act provides a complicated way to calculate the child�s age and it just provides relief for any processing delays in 1-140 clearance only. It just ignores the fact that we have years of retrogression for employment-based category. At the time when this act was passed there was no retrogression in employment-based category and lawmakers perhaps never thought of hardship, which children and families may face because of the retrogression.
    We need to raise our voice on this issue too. My son is going to miss out the chance of getting his green card just because his age works out as per formula given in CSPA Act to be 21 years and 12 days � because of 12 days my family may be penalized to be separated from our child whereas no one is going to consider 3 years delay in labor case in my case and then another 13 months we have to wait for filing 1485 after approval of I-140. Mine case was the most unfortunate in the sense that I got my I-140 approval in just 29 days whereas in all cases the normal time is 3-6 months. Had it taken 2 months, my son would have got the benefit under CSPA.
    I hope some one from Immigration Voice leadership team will take a lead to highlight such issues also before the law makers.
    Sorry to hear your son is going to fall into what I can only describe as a black hole that the system choosed to totally ignore. I faced this situation a year and a half ago and transferred my son to an F1 student visa. As long as he is registered for 12 credit hours in college he gets to stay in the US. This is NOT a long term solution but there are few options available. We have to hope that somebody somewhere who can change things will finally see this as a problem and act on our behalf. I have contacted dozens of senators, congressmen etc etc and in all but two cases did not even get an acknowledgment.


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  • vjj
    05-04 01:35 PM
    I sent my passport renewal to CGI houston on Apr 5. I called them last week and they said they registered it on Apr 8th and it is under processing. I will be traveling to India on May 18. Will I get my passport before then or should I file for Tatkal. Or how long can I wait before I send the tatkal fees. The lady who answered the phone said that I don't need to file tatkal and hung up. I am confused on what to do next. Please advise.

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  • immigration07
    08-28 11:35 PM
    the quality of students in tier two or three universities in US and India are more or less on par but for the methodology.Also I do not see any logic in the argument for a direct comparison between Indian educated and US educated unless they have graduated from a top tier (i mean the top 10%) as the seletion process in these institutes are the only ones which is based on the academic calibre and intellectual profile of the candidate rather than a lowered stipend or willingness to spend long hrs in the lab, which a prof must consider while admitting a student for a graduate program in US ....superior written and communication skills can be easily acquired by adaptation to the new environment. However I have seen many Indian educated professionals adapting much faster than many of my US educated friends
    I will back you up on this:)
    Unless one has studied in the US, one will not realize the worth of the US educational system. One clear attribute of US educated professionals is their superior written and verbal communication skills. Not to mention the enhanced ability to culturally fit in a diverse environment.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-15 09:10 PM
    The first T Shirt order has also been placed, last week, I believe. I should be receiving this initial order by mail shortly and then I can mail out the T Shirts to those who have signed up thus far.

    Guys, T Shirts are in - yay!!!:)

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  • snathan
    03-27 11:47 AM
    With this attitude and arrogance, I rarely think there would be motivation for anyone to do anything for IV.

    I started discussion by asking , how can IV convince me that my donation is going to help, I got shot down by ARROGANT ******** and got all reds as if I care. I was planning on a charity/donation drive of my own to get some money for IV.
    Know lot of consultants, who really dont know what to do with their miles with every one a executive airline status.
    Already have 10+ people pledging Poker tournament from my poker group with their miles for Airlines and hotels. We are talking of a Million AA miles.
    Indian restaurants(s) having a Immigration week where a dollar of each bill be given to IV.
    I was even thinking of standing at Indian stores in Dallas to ask people to consider for IV cause, as long as I believed and hence was asking.

    I was just getting started with so many ideas for my free time.

    Good luck in what ever you do guys. Note that GC is not everything and note that I am still on extended H1, family on H1 and EAD never helped me. so assumption that EAD helped my life is baseless. All these hypocrites are long gone from IV once they get GC. All we get is response that Mr X or Y , even after getting GC, is working fro cause. How can I believe.

    Any organization can be successful if there are questions answered and not shot down. Just working at DC doesnt make some one a strong contributor for IV.Work at grass root level is so imp. What I have noticed is any one who went to DC has become headstrong, egoist and arrogant as if they own IV.

    Please read my initial post before commenting. I always said, I am for IV cause. just convince me so that I can convince some one

    Gisa pita dialogue,...dont ask what IV has done,, ask yourself what you have done... COMMON

    Here it is, I can write in BOLD and RED

    Your argument doesn�t make sense at all. All are lame excuses at best. If you want to see what people are doing, you need to start work with people, see and believe. We cannot give you the notarized copy of certificate. You cannot sit on the fence and ask people to convince. As I said earlier no one is getting paid for what we are doing and no one is doing any favor for others either.

    Dont waste everyone's time with your useless arguments. If you really want to do something, start the campaign for whatever you believe and if its really worth people will follow you.


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  • extra_mint
    05-10 08:33 AM
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gupta and thanks for sharing the details.
    Just curious, did u got any emails ??

    Hi guys, Just wanted to post an update here. Me and My wife got our GC's in mail today. Our PD was May 19th 2006. Interestingly there is no update on my case online. I was very anxious and refreshing the case status page every few mins for the past few days but to my surprise, my case was approved on 5th of May and i have the cards in hand now.
    Keep your hopes high and have patience. It could just be that USCIS has stopped updating the online status and started working on our cases(Wishful thinking :))

    Good luck to all who are still waiting and congratulations to all who got greened!

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  • looivy
    03-11 05:03 PM
    My Indian passport is about to expire in Oct 2009. Is there step by step instructions available on IV forums for filling in the online form for passport renewal on Indian Consulate - Chicago website.



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  • GCWhru
    09-01 12:22 PM
    My wife's 485 status changed online as "Card production Ordered".

    My GC was approved last year august and waiting for her approval over a year.

    I see a pattern of approval for people who got recent soft LUDs. Nola was another person who got SOFT LUD.

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  • howzatt
    07-25 08:06 PM
    On my wife's labor certificate, it is said her position requires a minimum of master degree. But the alternate is bachelor degree plus 2 years' experience. The lawyer has filed I-140 under EB2.
    We are worried that this position does not qualify EB2 because we read on the internet that EB2 requires master degree or bachelor plus at least 5 years' progressive experience. We called the lawyer and said we heard from a friend such a case had been denied. She was very busy and just said there was no problem to apply for Eb2, and if we doubt it, we can hire our friend as a lawyer. We are so pissed off.
    Can someone help me clarify if this position is qualified for EB2? do we need to change it to Eb3?

    LOL. When I read the title of this post, I thought the pistons just signed up an indian immigrant :)


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  • kpchal2
    04-09 06:26 PM
    hi pappu
    so is this kind of information only available to donors. i think it might be worth the money if we can get this kind of information for a year ahead so we can plan accordingly. is it a monthly update that we will know ahead of time or is it a quarterly , semi annual or an annual planning activity. please let me know

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  • speddi
    06-02 01:41 PM
    I didnt. I dont know if there is any number to call to find the status.

    I just called the number on the online status and the lady I spoke to initiated an inquiry and gave me an inquiry confirmation number. I dont know if that is of any good.


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  • falcyon
    02-11 11:37 PM
    applied for renewal for unexpired passport via USPS on 1/28/09. Didn't hear a thing from email and/or phone enquiry.....


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  • amslonewolf
    03-19 08:56 PM
    Citizenship countdown from the date of AOS application instead of after getting the green card.

    Advantage to politicians is US Citizens = Votes; Win win situation for both :cool:


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  • needhelp!
    05-15 02:13 PM
    Please call all of them. They asked me whether I was from district or particular organization, and I said I am not from the district but I am a member of Immigration Voice and they have taken down my message.

    the person who took the phone asked where are you calling from? I think they care for calls only from the rep's distrcit? Also would verbal messages to any staff be sufficent? no fax?

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  • Immigrantindian
    03-04 04:33 PM
    My priroty date is August-2006 in EB-3. Last year i asked my employer to file in EB2 PERM petion and he has agreed for it. They applied my PERM application in August 1st 2010 in EB-2. I have been communicating the petition status with my attorney since my petion has been filed with DOL. When i contacted my attorney's office to check the petion status, they said my PERM applicant is in-processing status all the time. Finally, i requested my attorney saying write a wirtten letter to the Department of Labor in last week. He called me yesterday and said your application has been approved the DOL in August 2010. But his office never recived any hard copy or email. When they checked the PERM status, they never saw the petion was in approved status. Today when the checked the petition satus, they can see the application has been approved in Auguest and it is now exipired.

    Please let me know what options i have.

    Can i re-appeal with the DOL? I am not sure wherether my company has filed or not. Can i file a lawsuite on DOL or my current employeer?

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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-18 10:18 AM
    I think releasing infomration only to contributing members should have started long time back....Lets get the free loaders off our backs...

    07-17 11:47 PM

    Who ever have applied to Atlanta center and waiting for perm labor, can you please join here.

    04-15 04:29 PM

    We need 60-70 for that one.

    I will send you my membership form this week :o

    I have started my fundraising, but that is only because I have all the fundraising ideas in my head.

    I will start sending out the Welcome Packages this week. The Welcome Package has a section for Fundraising and will help each Team IV Member reach his/her goal.

    The first T Shirt order has also been placed, last week, I believe. I should be receiving this initial order by mail shortly and then I can mail out the T Shirts to those who have signed up thus far.

    We need to still concentrate on our recruitment efforts this week and the next.

    The Dolphin South End Runners Club has welcomed us for their Aug 17, 2008 event. I am hopeful that we can get a contingent of at least 20-30 Team IVians to walk run that event.

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