Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rhinebeck Ny Map

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  • acecupid
    07-11 07:30 PM
    I guess the letter is authentic afterall -

    Awesome! Finally some real proof.:D

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  • windycloud
    05-15 01:28 PM
    Here is an interesting statistic:

    Saw this in a diffrent forum. This is interesting but hardly matters to this issue. It's not the number of hours, it's the calendar date when they are going to put in that few hours of work.

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  • snathan
    05-01 06:15 PM
    Hi IV senior members/Admin,

    How many people do we need to support this. Please guide what needs to be done once we have enough support.


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  • rkg000
    05-11 10:18 PM
    Approved today in the most RESPECTED way for both Primary and Derivative.
    --No Porting
    --EB2- with qualified credentials: BS Engg;MS USA;
    --No substitution

    Called USCIS CS and verified information; and CS opened SR

    Has been a long wait. Came in 1999 for MS, straight out of college from home country.

    Oh your status said mentioned it as "RESPECTED". May be you are a special case for USCIS. Good for you.

    I hope you realize that the only thing you gained is the disrespect of your peers. Enjoy it.


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  • actaccord
    03-14 05:55 PM

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  • pa_arora
    10-19 07:04 PM
    Reading from this thread and few other, it is confirmed that in most cases, even if PD is current for a 485 filer, USCIS may not adjudicate those cases unless the processing time is reached. (There are few lucky applicants with PD 2005 and filed 485 after July 2nd and have already received their GC - but that is very few).

    And most centers, they are processing Dec 2006 485 applications - a backlog of 10 months.

    So, assuming that it may take same 10 months to process 485 filed in July - that is May 2008!!

    With this, what are the chances of DOS making PD current for all EB categories again next June? They will do this to use all the VISA numbers for FY2008.

    Or, if they don't want to repeat the confusions that happened in July 2007, to what dates will the PDs move (in June/July 2008)? Atleast to 2006?
    Thye just see the PD and don't wait for the processing time. Processing time is SLA(Service Level Agreement), either they specify the time frame in which they pocess the case or if they are running beyond their SLA they specify the oldest date of the application in the system.


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  • GCwaitforever
    05-01 02:39 PM
    The biggest weakness of DOL/USCIS is going back to the older cases while newer cases are piling up. They do not have any service level agreements to adhere to. That is why many labors in the older process ended up in BECs.

    Please raise this problem with your local senators and representatives and put pressure on DOL. The longer it takes at DOL, the longer it takes for your GC. Do not be under false hopes that your I-485 will be picked up based on the PD. For USCIS, RD is the convenience and they wil only go by that even if the law is written otherwise. So get your application out faster.

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  • mayhemt
    09-27 09:48 AM

    Is there any thing we can do to save IV forums, from all these so called smart people.

    Simly these guys want to derail the whole discussion either it is EB3 push or visa capture or any kind of fruitful discussion.

    I know it is difficult to stop creating and screening ids, atleast can you delete some unrelated postings and make sure that there is some healthy discussion continues and people like me wont stop visiting IV.
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    May be you are new to IV.. Here's a regular thread looks like at IV

    OP posts a new idea or a genuine question
    At the end of page 1 'Who gave me red dots?' starts.
    Starting of page 2, couple of 'Here I am giving you greens' starts
    Page 3 - Then Donor Vs Freeloader starts
    Page 4 - 'Holier than thou' discussions ensue
    Page 5 - Same fight continues
    Page 6 - Fake ids and 'Are you truly MS/MBA?' replies, accusations.
    Page 7 - 'My toilet is broke, IV Core please fix it. What is core IV doing?' starts

    By then end of page 7, another guy posts 'Vonage free calls to India/Remit2India better than XYZ' on main page & all the attention goes over there.

    Repeat loop infinite times.

    /Sarcasm :cool:


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  • chintu25
    01-15 11:11 PM

    Can you pls let me know more on -- I run scans nightly as well as in the Pre Hours for day trading .

    like how to do this, any tools we need to do this,

    tks and rgds - ramki.

    Hi Ramki,

    I think this question is better answered in a discussion environment ....

    Let us all fix a time to meet on Immigration voice chat some time this week night or weekend to discuss ideas.

    We can meet tomm at 9.30 EST for an hour or so ?

    Please confirm availability those who can

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  • Amma
    10-22 01:32 AM
    The passport reached the consulate by USPS on Oct 1.
    I got my passport back by FedEx on Oct 21.
    Really surprised by the speed.


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  • pappu
    12-15 08:17 AM
    Placed an Invite in (another popular website that telugu folks visit).
    Thanks. Others, pls visit immigration forums (if you google immigration forums you will find several forums) and post messages. There are also several yahoo, msn, and google groups on immigration. If all of us can post messages in them, it will be a huge publicity for us. pls post messages on this thread if you have done any such task.

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  • jnraajan
    01-14 01:16 PM
    Sent my PP for renewal few weeks back and I got it back in 2 weeks.

    For me it looked like SFO is pretty good.
    I applied for my renewal in SFO and got it back in 2 weeks. I also applied for my daugther's PIO card around the same time. Got it back in 3 weeks. SFO seems to be the best


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  • lvinaykumar
    05-20 12:56 PM
    called couple of congressman but one were asking if i contacted my local congressman ???

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  • indianajuns
    08-29 12:45 PM
    Same with me!
    My children have grown up and are on the verge of aging out, while I am still fighting to find avenues for a new green card application. Jobs are not permanent in the US. Layoffs are a common thing. The immigration processes take much longer than the life of a job. Many people like me end up with unfinished and abandoned immigration process. At the end of 6 years we are able to obtain H1-B visas one year at a time. Provided there is a pending I-140 process. What happens if a I-140 application is denied because of some faulty representation or your employer decides to lay you off?

    My question to the senate is. Is this fair? Was it foolish off me to have maintained a legal status and spent so much money for nothing? Perhaps if people like me would have remained in the United States illegally without paying taxes, I might have saved a lot of money and would have been able to apply for a non-immigrant status for a very small fee.

    My suggestion to the Senate is:
    1. Pass a legislation that protects Legal immigrants who have lived in the United States beyond 6 years, but have been unable to obtain an immigrant status for one thing or the other. Or an H1-B non-immigrant who have come to the country before �9/11� and have stayed in the country through the recession; paid taxes; but because of constant layoffs and half finished immigration processes should be rewarded in this bill. Proofs that immigration processes had been initiated but abandoned because of job changes.
    2. Children of Legal non-immigrants who have finished 6 years of stay in the US and are aging out, should be protected, because the state has spent tax money on their education and they have adjusted to a life style and system which will benefit the country. They should not be penalized for no fault of theirs.
    3. Children and spouses of H1 Non-immigrants who are educated and can work should be given the opportunity to do so. This way many will legally work and pay taxes. It is a great burden on a single H1-B non-immigrant to be the sole earning member in a family. Currently a dependent of a H1-B is not permitted to work.
    4. An I-485 process of immigration should not be cancelled if a pending I-140 is denied. This should be made available once again to the applicant and his or her family if a I-140 process is re-applied within 6 months. It is unfair to make the family file for a I-1485 process once again with additional fees, medical tests, finger printing, work authorization and so on. If a I-1485 has to be reapplied, it means the family has to wait for endless years ahead to wait for their immigration numbers for their country to be available once again.
    5. H1-B non-immigrants are educated people who are already here because there is a shortage of manpower in that category. I personally do not see the need for a Labor certification once again to see if there is a shortage in that particular area. H1-B employees go through these process initially before their H1-B�s are approved. These people who have been here for more than 6 years already know the system and can contribute to the country. They do not take away jobs of local people.
    6. A Non-immigrant who has purchased a house in the United States has already taken the first step of naturalization. They put their money here. They do not take money out of the country. I believe they should be rewarded with a non-immigrant quota/status. This will bring a phenomenal real estate boom in the country and a welcome change to the economy.


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  • letstalklc
    05-01 04:15 PM
    Yes, You are right.
    who ever file in EB2 category, they are auditing and asking too many details like, business necessity, previous employee exp if it is re filling the position, recruitment report (paper advertisement, dates, intranet advirtisement details what not)...

    so as of now we can't say that they are targeting only IT people.

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  • samswas
    05-05 08:02 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.

    One question,

    Yesterday I sent my EAD renewel application. should put stop payment on check or should I call USCIS.



    Congrats MC!


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  • rhinebeck, ny reviews

  • santb1975
    04-13 12:01 PM
    I am not up for any fights ... Peace

    Back to work..We definately will get more participation. Let's get rolling


    If you signup for the DC 10 miler, you will get to see two women fight!

    Let's see...........what's the latest excuse..........Oh yes! Taxes!
    Fine :( Get done with your taxes and then THINK of enrolling for a run. Hopefully we will see more entrees ones you get done with the taxes.

    ..........That reminds me!!! Have to run :)

    girlfriend Sunset in upstate NY. Rhinebeck Ny Map. BEEKMAN ARMS RHINEBECK NY

  • pamith
    05-04 12:28 AM
    After 9 years in US and 4 years of 485 pending, GC Approved.

    Case at NSC
    Online Status:
    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    Praise the Lord!
    Thank You Jesus.

    hairstyles New York City, New York Rhinebeck Ny Map. in Rhinebeck, New York
  • in Rhinebeck, New York

  • usdreams
    05-24 03:40 PM

    The online case status says: The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now being processed at a USCIS office. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    Me and my wife were called for interview at Newark, NJ office after we got the Notice for case transfer in Oct. 2009.

    I think the notices we received at home did mention the Newark, NJ office, don't remember for sure.

    I have an INFOPASS appointment this friday, 27th May to find out why is it taking time for my case to be approved.

    Hopefully, there will be no problem with my case.

    Thank you for your reply.

    09-20 10:09 AM
    i guess there may never be time to write the multitude of stories so here's a little one...

    i arrived saturday morning and went through a comedy of errors before reaching the comfort inn that many of us were to stay...was hungry and tired and wondering where everyone was...and then nixstor turns up with the very best home cooked food possible....aman arrived too and after a mad scramble to arrange plates we all consumed it like we had never eaten before...memories of that meal are making me hungry again...:D

    hey nixstor...thanks (for that and a lot more)...convey that to your wife please...since she did the hard work!

    10-12 03:35 PM
    My many friends from EB3 -Jan to Jun 2003 PD are still in process. I have met 2 EB2-May 2003PD guys already having GC. Very small sample but thought to mention it.
    BharatPremi Please tell me I am wrong! i collected some data... and just by looking at it... it seems like EB3 will move very very slowly not as per your prediction! I m not a stats guru perhaps you or anyone who is a stats guru can shed some light here!

    What is your EB3-India PD (I-485 either pending, or not yet filed)

    Total Applicants (that voted) = 206
    % distribution
    43.21% 2001/2002/2003
    25.25% 2004
    16.51% 2005
    13.59% 2006
    1.46% 2007

    Total Visa available / country = 140000/7% = 9800 in a year
    Keep aside 10% for other categories, so 90% available for EB2 and EB3
    9800 - 980 = 8820 total available for India EB2/EB3
    50-50 between eb2 eb3 (assumption - probably a bad assumption)
    4410/year available for EB3?

    (This is where it really gets tricky!)
    Approximate Indian EB3 Applications
    Total Indian applicants / 2 (50-50 between eb2 and eb3)
    Total 200k (low estimate) so EB3 100k approx
    + 100k Dependants = 200k Total EB3

    Year 2001/2002/2003 = 43.21% = 46286

    Number of years to clear off Backlog (2003 and prior) = 46286/4410 = 10 1/2 years

    Up until 1/5/2007 PD was stable at around 5/8/2001

    I think EB3 movement will be very slow based on above calculations

    EDIT: Even if Unused Visas get funneled down to EB3 India > cut the time in 1/2 still looks like 4-5 years to clear EB3 < 2003

    Does this sound right?

    __________________________________________________ ______
    VB History (Since Retrogression)
    Year - Priority Date
    1/12/2004 - C
    1/1/2005 - 1/1/2002
    1/2/2005 - 1/1/2002
    1/3/2005 - 3/1/2002
    1/4/2005 - 4/1/2002
    1/5/2005 - 6/1/2002
    1/6/2005 - 6/1/2002
    1/7/2005 - U
    1/8/2005 - U
    1/9/2005 - U
    1/10/2005 - 1/1/1998
    1/11/2005 - 1/1/1998
    1/12/2005 - 1/1/1999
    1/1/2006 - 6/1/1999
    1/2/2006 - 1/1/2000
    1/3/2006 - 1/1/2001
    1/4/2006 - 2/1/2001
    1/5/2006 - 3/1/2001
    1/6/2006 - 4/8/2001
    1/7/2006 - 4/15/2001
    1/8/2006 - 4/1/2001
    1/9/2006 - 4/15/2001
    1/10/2006 - 4/22/2001
    1/11/2006 - 4/22/2001
    1/12/2006 - 4/22/2001
    1/1/2007 - 5/8/2001
    1/2/2007 - 5/8/2001
    1/3/2007 - 5/8/2001
    1/4/2007 - 5/8/2001
    1/5/2007 - 5/8/2001
    1/6/2007 - 6/1/2003
    1/7/2007 - C
    1/8/2007 - U
    1/9/2007 - U
    1/10/2007 - 4/22/2001
    1/11/2007 - 4/22/2001

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