Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jesus Cross Tattoos

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  • gen_tp
    09-02 12:22 AM
    Congrats arav_m! Which Service Center?

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  • aa_ke_phas_gaya
    04-06 03:43 PM
    I would again emphasize on my previous post. One step at a time, one swift ruling for all waiting for long time in queue.

    Remember, this is not 0-sum game or targeting a small group. In a queue you are closer to the target as people in front of you move.

    Do get with people around you who are having same issues, organize local groups, communicate with your local authorities & media and make it an issue.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-05 09:19 PM
    Categories |2006 | 2005 | 2004
    EB-1 | 36,960 | 64,731 |31,291
    EB-2 | 21,911 | 42,597 |32,534
    EB-3 | 89,922 | 129,070* |85,969

    can you please tell me the source of these stats? Per the DOL stats, from March 2005 to March 2007 only 130K total cases were approved:
    Your stats are almost twice that number!

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  • javadeveloper
    07-14 03:22 PM
    I have failed to see where IV has been showing discrimination or bias towards Eb2 versus Eb3?

    Not taking up a specific Eb-3 cause does not tantamount of neglecting Eb-3. Has IV done something in past 'proactively' for only a certain category of Eb? If not, then how can we accuse IV of ditching Eb3, at the same time?

    No one is saying that IV is ditching Eb3.Everyone(at least EB3 guys) is saying that EB3 needs special attention because it's movement is dead now.


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  • immuser
    01-25 07:18 PM
    Just one point Slumdog -- You know, I have never seen anyone who rents, writing this kind of a story and justifying his decision. I wonder, why not? Why do YOU have to justify over here? Are you justifying to others or you are justifying to yourself?

    You put too much stress on "quality of life". One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment.

    I keep telling my wife that our apartment looks small only when she goes to department stores and shops like crazy. Our walk-in-closet is the nearest thing to a Black Hole. Mass density is so high in that area that pretty soon even light would not come out of it.

    I strongly believe in "Simple Living, High Thinking". I can not say I implement it all the time, however, I try to keep it in my mind during my decision making process.

    Slumdog, You have great writing skills.

    "One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment...."

    Not true - a small apt is a small apt no matter what. Yes, you can live with peace of mind in a small apt, and yes you can live happily in a small apt. This does not equate to quality of life. The "quality of life" in a 4 bedroom house with back yard is greater than that in a small 650 sq ft single bedroom apt ( if you put the same person who was happy in the small apt into the 4 bedroom house - even if his happiness level remains the same, his quality of life just went up)

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 12:29 PM
    The driver of the cab talked to me and said there was a man in a suit who forgot his blackberry in my car. And after having heard the hilarious (but obviously stressful to him) stories about him losing his bags and what not, I had no doubt in my mind who it was, so I pointed out to Aman and sure enough thats who it was. :D

    I hope he does not forget us - all IV folks - entire community - who depends on this "Great Man who forgets laptops, bags and cell phones"

    I am sure "forgetting us will never happen" - he forgets all those things because he "has all of us in his heart" :):):)


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  • tonyHK12
    01-12 10:26 AM
    Yes. I am very well aware of the process. I have done it in the past. Will followup with Call.

    Aditi and Ganesh's Blog (http://)

    The task is uphill and very difficult. We have no option but to try the beaten track. !

    cheers. we need a few hundred people like you two guys and anything is possible.

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    01-18 11:29 AM
    Just made my contribution of $20 and also signed in for the recurring payment of $20 through my bank account.


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  • The7zen
    01-23 04:44 PM
    Immigrants who don't pay off and run away should be extradited and put behind bars.

    It might cost more than what originally one owes....then again your tax money is wasted.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    05-15 12:13 PM
    Hello friends,
    My birth certificate has the following information
    date of birth, Mothers name, fathers name, place of birth. It does not have my name and i am from India. Is it ok.. or should i get one with name.

    My PD is not current but i am getting ready with all the documents, just in case it gets current.

    Mine too. Thats normal if you are from Bombay and getting birth certificate after years.


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  • neelu
    12-13 03:30 PM
    Since people would be filing taxes early next year, and most expect some returns from Uncle Sam, how about starting a thread to pledge $ 200 from tax returns?

    Also, someone had once suggested IV set up a mechanism via Pay Pal to make auto deduction of say $ 20-25 every month. That should get it more continuing contributions and help even out IV's cash flow.

    That is a nice thought.

    But I realized after watching from the sidelines for over six months now, is that, it is easier to achieve smaller goals. Basically, I mean, request donations, but without specifying the amount. And in good conscience, if they can donate $50 that is some contribution than none (numbers like $200.00 etc. might drive interested people away). There is a chance for second and third contributions, as and when they see positive developments because of IV efforts (I know that it is advantageous for IV if there is one large payment, rather than many small payments, but at this point, I am more interested in ONE SMALL PAYMENT).

    Pineapple, please help add ONE member!
    Everyone, please add ONE member before December 31st.

    I am sure we can achive this very easy goal!

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  • dhesha
    08-05 08:03 PM
    I am also eagerly waiting for it.
    All of my friends with PD2006 (jan-Mar) got their GCs and I am still here waiting.

    2nd FP on July 29th, Raised a SR on Aug 2nd. So far nothing moved, no LUDs.

    Tried congressman's inquiry no response yet.

    I dont know if I get GC atleast this time or not :mad:

    I can fully understand your frustration as I am also going through the same situation.

    How did you contact congressman?


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  • susie
    11-04 10:26 AM
    Susie, I can say quite strongly that IV's agenda is quite officially
    "H1B quota is not an issue that we wish to take any sides on".

    We are trying to reduce the backlogs as a primary goal.

    The main aim is to reduce the backlogs which will also reduce the age out problem, but not fix for those already aged out. Believe me, even if this was the only issue on the agenda, it is hard enough to get this done.

    If we don't fix the backlogs then age out will be irrelevant. Let's imagine that H1B quota is increased, and EB3 ROW never becomes current because of more H1B ROW newbies. Then EB3 India will never get any spill over. In this case new India EB3 applications could easily have a 25 year wait, by which time the primary petitioner will have retired invalidating the whole application. Thus you can see that increasing H1B quota works against us (although the official position is no position).

    I am considering computer modeling this, because I think that the a 25 year wait is very possible with the current scheme (making age out easier to push maybe).

    If there is an opportunity to provide ago out protection without risking the main aim then I think that it will be taken. First we need a seat at the negotiating table.

    Until we get a seat at the table we have the trade off between raising age out complicates things, and raising age out keeps it personal. There has been some debate over the, I think that the professionals recommend "keep it simple".

    My position on this is to raise the age out and other family issues like US citizen children being forced to leave because their parents are. But only raise it with those law makers it will clearly be received well with, and not be a distraction.

    There are other issues worthy of targeting, but they too complicate things, and risk us not getting a seat at the table. For example banning consulting. This could force many to leave, including their children, through not fault of their own. I think that consulting should at very least be grandfathered, and have some other exceptions. But again pushing that would be a distraction.

    As I said, if we get a seat at the table, this issue has a chance.

    We are currently working on getting that seat.

    Thanks for your post, support and understanding as you know many H1B children still age out as do many other children who entered the us legally.

    I am so passionate about this issue if iv decide to do something I would help in any way I could

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  • ski_dude12
    07-11 04:16 PM
    lol :D :D :D

    Looks like it is USCIS now that has to respond to an RFE.


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  • needhelp!
    05-16 06:15 PM
    from Henry Cuellar's district:
    I requested co-employee (citizen) to call. But I think its effort by all IV members. I dont want to take credit.
    But this is great news. Thanks for sharing.

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  • indygc
    05-04 08:35 AM
    I got email of status: Decision

    What next?


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  • bskrishna
    05-09 09:00 AM
    I am current with
    PD: June 23, 2006
    Used AC21 2 3 years back
    Had RFE in 2009. Reuqesting information on my new position (current company)
    Opend SR on may 3rd.

    Received following reply. I am concerend. Any body inb same boat and what can I expect next?
    The status of this service request is:

    Based on your request we researched the status of I-485. We are actively processing this case. However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time. Please allow extra time for an Officer to review your application. Furthermore, if all initial evidence was not included with your application or a question arose during adjudication that required a Request For Evidence, additional time would be needed. Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made.

    When did you submit your SR? I have done the same as well and awaiting a reply on it.

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  • santb1975
    04-17 12:00 PM
    Let us know how it goes.

    I love kids crafts :), so this is going to be my first attempt at fundraising..
    We will be painting plaster of paris sculptures.. and I will set the cover fee at $5 maybe

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  • msyedy
    02-01 09:29 PM

    kya dhamaal machaya tumne.

    05-05 10:27 AM

    Congratulations on getting GREENED.

    Appreciate if you could please let me know how and what details need to be provided to the senators office. My PD is June 18th, 2006 but no change as of now. Per your advise, I am thinking about planning to visit senators office. Appreciate your help!

    Thank you

    03-20 11:19 AM
    As some of you know, I have been working with news media, government leaders, and immigration lawyers over the past year because of the stimulus debacle. As a result, I have developed some strong contacts in government. I will be meeting some congressional immigration staffers in the next few days and I have developed a list of issues to discuss. If you want to post your own issues, feel free to do so in this thread and I will add them to the list. These are the same people who helped get the last stimulus bill changed in our favor, so they do have influence.

    What was in "our" favor in the last stimulus bill? Which bill are you talking about?

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