Monday, July 4, 2011

Mbna Bank Of America

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  • pintoo007
    08-24 11:22 AM
    My son was born physically disabled (cerebral palsy). He his wheel-chaired bound and is totally dependent on us. He speaks and understands everything. He went to High School here,and got his Diploma and Certificates. That's why when me and my wife came here in 1992, from Bombay, India for my son's operation and came with B-2 visas medical visa. By the doctor letters our visa had continued for three and half years, and temporary work permit for two years only. Then we tried to change our status, but that didn't work out We also went to the INS local office, they advised us at that time it was better for us not to change our status. We did not get a deportation letter. We got a letter from INS saying that had they had CLOSE our case. We all three have SSN.
    My employer filed for LC in 01 and approved in 06. Also my brother filed for I130 in 01. In Feb 06 filed for I140 and approved in July 06. Due to backlog with the Labor Dept, my son is now 23. So my son can not file for I485 with me. He also can not file for PERM because he is disabled. Though he is very good at computers but who would hire a disabled person.


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  • abhisam
    04-12 02:14 PM
    You were looking at a older instruction? the link you have posted is the same as what
    gcformeornot posted. please clarify, the instruction states its validity so we have to use that accordingly.

    It is not advised to double file, perhaps you'll get this back sooner than expected and then send it to the lockbox, dunno why they are complicating things as it is there are enough complications :-(

    u bet..there are enough complications already..and the old instructions file shows up in google when I search for 765 istructions!! :(

    I called USCIS and talked to a very friendly IO. He said that either nebraska center will foward my application to the correct office, or they will send it back to me. He said that I could send another application to the correct address, but then its very possible that they will cash both the checks. If I stop payment on the nebraska check, then they will send me an invoice, asking for the processing fee of $340.

    He asked to call back in 30 days if i dont hear from them regarding my application. He also said that they are taking around 90 days to approve EAD renewals.

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  • go_gc_way
    06-17 10:32 AM

    How do u know that CIR is dead..? I could not any information on the link provided.

    I do not know any thing like this where people on H1 (I am not forgetting L1s and others .. :) ) have come together and voiced a request to hear our problem and reduce retrogression.

    I wish this goes forward .. Plan B, I think SKILL BILL (?) must be put in to thought.

    Yes I read It wont come to a debate until the current one is resolved. I also read , the effort will continue until this problem is looked in to and helped.

    CIR may not be completely over ... but discussing Plan B would be good.

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  • vdlrao
    07-17 11:47 PM

    Who ever have applied to Atlanta center and waiting for perm labor, can you please join here.


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  • owned subsidiary MBNA America

  • NolaIndian32
    04-16 10:11 AM
    We have had nearly 8000 views on this thread. If you have questions or concerns about Team IV, what we hope to accomplish and how our fundraising can support IV projects such as the lobbying of the 3 New Highly Skilled Legal Immigrant Employment Bills introduced this month, please e-mail or PM me.


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  • karthiknv143
    07-11 05:02 PM
    Any other source other than the blog site? I dont see it....


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  • sparky123
    05-01 09:28 PM
    My details:

    Applied: June 2007
    Audit received: October 2007
    Audit replied: November 2007

    Been stuck ever willing to contribute anything I can to get all of us out of this deadlock.

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-24 01:02 PM

    I am the Susan from and just so you know my husband passed away last year

    He was the petitioner for my son who was to follow to join. We only heard son had aged out in Oct 2005 and was getting a court case ready in early 2006.

    Sadly my husband became unwell in March 06, diagnosed terminal on 4th May and died 13th May 2006

    Someone posted, there maybe only a few cases but the cost is huge from an emotional standpoint

    If I win my court case this may result in others having benefit who were previously denied lets hope so and stand together on this.

    The grief and deprression I have suffered is unbearable due to errors, delays and husbands death

    The memo in cspa clearly says that the CSPA should be interpred expansively, to me that means common sense and compassion.

    Until we get an amendment to CSPA I feel there will be so many more cases of hardship and termoil to come to notice

    Very sad to know your situation, good that you still fighting..don't give up..we are with you.


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  • falcyon
    02-11 11:37 PM
    applied for renewal for unexpired passport via USPS on 1/28/09. Didn't hear a thing from email and/or phone enquiry.....


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  • Keeme
    03-20 11:44 AM
    As some of you know, I have been working with news media, government leaders, and immigration lawyers over the past year because of the stimulus debacle. As a result, I have developed some strong contacts in government. I will be meeting some congressional immigration staffers in the next few days and I have developed a list of issues to discuss. If you want to post your own issues, feel free to do so in this thread and I will add them to the list. These are the same people who helped get the last stimulus bill changed in our favor, so they do have influence.

    PLEASE be brief - bullet points would be good.

    Also links to articles to support your concerns are welcome. I will put together a package to hand out at the meeting.

    I thought of posting a poll on this thread, but decided it would be better to leave the discussion open ended.

    Totoro: I really liked the way you alone initiated and handled the fight against Stimulate Package - ITIN issue. You can be a true leader and helpful in many way to this/any community. People like you can make difference in people's lives.

    There are so many issues we are facing as a community. Let's pick top 3 ( OR 5 )for you to discuss with them. If there is any room, you can discuss least imp. issues as well.

    Issue NO 1: Retrogression / Backlog for EB3/EB2
    How to solve it ?
    - Visa Recapture
    - Saving visa by not issuing visas to applicant who are not current as per "Processing Times' Currently, CIS is approving many I-485s with PDs having currant but are not currant as per ' Processing Times'. 'Processing Times' needs to be respected. This will save huge number of visa for retrogressed countries.
    - Buying Visa for dependants and not counting towards annual cap. ( Easy way to reduce backlog - more than 50% visa would be saved. Will solve problem in 1-2 years. No other action required.)
    - Removing per country limit.( Requires changes in law - tough task/long shot.)
    - Buy a house and get a GC idea ( its been widely discussed in media ...)
    - Any more suggestion ?

    Issue NO: 2 Allowing people to file I-485 /EAD/AP even their PD is not current. - MUST BE DONE.
    Let's help these guys who can't file I-485/EAD as their PDs are not current. These are the people who are likely to suffer most in case of a job loss/visa issue. Even, their LCA/ I-140s are approved, it will become useless if they get fired/companies run some in problems etc. which can happen to any one in current times. Personally, I say - this should be our priority - can be fixed easily. It would also attract them to join us. A dying soldier saves other first.

    Issue NO: 3

    Issue NO : 4

    Issue No - 5 Allowing work-permit for H4/dependants ( Not that important but will change lives for many)

    Issue No - 6 AC21 - Helps greatly to individuals in tough times in maintaining their status. Any further modifications for AC21 ?


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  • This summer, MBNA launched two

  • waitsolong
    01-11 02:27 PM
    This Bill will help ALL people, not only the people who have an advanced degree from US!. With the addtion 55k, the people who have an advanced degree will get the green card immediately. Then, they will be out of the queue. Then all the existing anual visa quato will be allocated to the guys who don't have the advanced degree. This is a great bill for all EB forks. If this bill can be passed, the EB2 will be current . and EB3 will be current in two years. some people just didn't get it.

    I might be wrong, but I read somewhere that these numbers would go to those working in math or science related fields AND who had graduated with a related degree in the last 5 years.

    Again, I'm not 100% on it, just wanted to check if anyone else heard the same.

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  • jungalee43
    03-22 12:01 PM
    I would suggest our discussion with the congressional staff should focues on relief in two parts. Many in media are reporting that there is going to be another stimulus bill after healthcare reforms.
    So we should try to get waiver on green card quota limits for buying a house. We can make it part of stimulus bill.
    All other things including termination of country quota, racapture, exclusion of dependents can be part of CIR.


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  • Goodintentions
    01-12 08:46 PM
    Dear All,

    This is just to inform you that I have posted (not emailed) letters to the Pres, Speaker, Congressman, Issa (letter of thanks) and Senators on the subject bill

    Request all those who believe that this will help our community to write a letter / send a mail (whatever conveniences you)

    It is unfortunate that almost all our discussions end up becoming vitriolic, passionate and divisive. Just keep doing what we all can to help get more visas for us and IF POSSIBLE let us try to be united. The logic as I see is - the more number of visas for us, the more we gain. I have no more comments to offer.

    I only hope and wish the community the very best!

    Thank you...

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  • conchshell
    05-16 11:31 AM
    I could get an email id from Ron's website ( I have sent a message to support this campaign and mention in his website forum. If someone know's Ron's actual email id, please post here. Thanks.

    Go IV Go ....


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  • permfiling
    03-24 09:23 PM
    My perm got approved on 3/20. Thanks to you all folks

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  • The MBNA Race Points 500 is

  • hellomms
    05-01 02:45 PM
    Make this thread as a poll and let us how many are suffering. I will close my other thread for the same purpose.

    I agree, there should be one thread as I am pasting the link to this Thread on other website so people can come and support.

    What would you like me to add? Do we really need to add a poll? I like the response so far (as is), the way people are adding their dates should be sufficient.


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  • ujjwal_p
    05-17 12:12 AM
    I left a message for 3 of the mentioned. Its past office hours and got the box. If things are moving fast like the admins say, everybody should do what they can to help out.

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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 08:32 PM
    Thanks for the update! How about having two cases; a second LC under EB2. In that case can both prevail together (and EB2 and EB3)?

    MANY attorneys STRONGLY ADVISE not to file MULTIPLE 485/CP simultaneously.

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  • GoneSouth
    02-28 02:40 PM
    Average time to get certified in last one year for EB2 Chicago = 34 days
    Average time to get certified in last one year for EB2 Atlanta = 84 days

    - gs

    06-29 12:08 PM
    Immigration law has retracted the advisory about the possibility of USCIS stopping acceptance of I-485s

    06-14 09:58 AM
    My advice to you is to beg, borrow, steal or kill but find a way to file for the I485. The benefits of filing for AOS - specially if you have a spouse who cannot work - far outweigh any short term struggle you may have to endure.

    Dear friend akred,

    One question for you my friend, ask your consience.

    your advice to BEG, Borrow, STEAL or KILL, is this how we should conduct ourself in the society. Do you want such kind of society. Is it good to profess anger, decit and violence in society. (think what our kids will face when they grow up.) ?

    As a devote Hindu, I live by Hindu way of life, and I Hope you do too, I PRAY to you, can you PLEASE implement this way of life in your normal daily life, you will see the difference yourself.

    Not meaning to anger you, Sorry in advance if I have hurt you. I pray you will change.

    OM !!!!;)

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