Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-07 09:56 AM
    I was thinking this for a long time, and I totally agree with you...

    The only and simple way to stop H1B abuse is to allow only max 10% non-immigrant (H1, L1, TN etc) employee in a company. Rest 90% have to be Green Card or Citizen. These desi consulting, Indian big companies must be hving at leaset 90 % employees on non-immigrant status.

    Simple and universal rule that will solve all the H1B problems

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  • Caliber
    04-10 09:37 AM
    actually you are insane. just because you have contributed money does not make you sane !!
    and you should be the first one to ask for action items (since I guess you have really donated 2400 dollars) ..or are you planning to donate 5000 dollars more without asking anything in return ? (yr money ..but as the saying goes ..a fool and his money soon part ways) ..well this is my last post ..bye and good luck !!

    A person in mental hospital always think, others are INSANE except he himself.

    You said bye and good luck.

    Thanks in advance for not visting our forums any more though I know you will create another ID and come back.

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  • leonqiu
    12-26 06:34 PM
    I added the IV link to which has a very popular Chinese immigration forum. Hope it can draw more members to IV.

    Happy holidays and good luck to my fellow members!!

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  • Dhundhun
    03-30 01:40 AM
    How about SFO ??

    I applied in person in morning. I picked next day evening (three passports, previous passports were from India). I had all the documents needed for passport.

    Hope this helps


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  • daramesh
    01-06 12:37 PM
    I have a couple of questions, pl let know if you have valid info.

    Situation: My spouse came to US on H4 and then got converted to H1.Due to delay in pay and not a strong case, she is not willing to go for H1 visa stamping next time when she goes to India. She wasnts to go for H4 visa stamping instead.

    1. Is it better to convert to H4 here and then leave for India? We feel that if it would take time to convert to H4, then instead of waiting she can work till the last day here and then quit and leave(because she wants to leave ASAP). Also changing from H1 to H4 here means submitting paystubs and other documents and more scrutiny. I think in Chennai consulate there will be less questions if applying for H4. Any thoughts, pl help?

    2. If applying for H4 in Chennai, will they ask for paystubs from her previous H1 status? They shouldnt since she is applying for H4, but I still wanted to know. If they ask why do you want to change back to H4, what is the best answer?

    3. Travelling on an expired visa from East coast to Chennai. If there is no time to get transit visa to travel thru Europe, which is the shortest route/best airlines to get to Chennai quickest from say, Atlanta? Pl help

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  • go2roomshare
    02-01 07:02 PM
    where did you find this info


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  • letstalklc
    05-16 04:28 PM
    Hi Santhan,
    First of all congratulations for your approval, Thanks a lot for your help.
    we should ask as many friends as we can to update their case here asap, I could see just less than 100 people so far, I dont think only 100 are suffering with the labor certification.

    Please pass it to as many as you know, so that we can make this compaign sucessfully.


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  • Regal22
    06-13 11:41 PM
    It is obvious that DOL backlog center is processing cases with utter disregard to FIFO procedures. Some people with priority dates in 2004 or 2005 have obtained their labor certifications, but some people with priority dates in 2001 or 2002 still do not know what is happening to their cases. If we file lawsuit against DOL on their inability to maintain FIFO procedures, what are the chances of success? Their inability to maintain FIFO procedures has brought great misery in lives of the people who stood in line for so many years so patiently.


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  • bugsbunny
    03-27 12:28 PM
    imh1b and snathan....i respectfuly request that you'll refrain from calling anyone names....there is no need to call people fool/drunk/moron. I am quite sure youll are educated professionals that can think of better ways to make your argument.

    bitzbytz was merely suggesting reason to diss them...unless you have tried these yourself and have statistical proof that it won't work in other cities in the country. say you need convincing...fine...what questions do you have about IV?
    As you can see its an organisation of volunteers...and there is no PR department :)
    IV's main goal is to clear the green card you share this goal and believe in it? if yes...then contribute...even if you fully don't agree with how IV operates or responds

    As you are well aware there are not too many organisations pursuing this cause so you can either help this one...or sit back and hope that one day Lawmakers will out of the goodness of their hearts do the right you know that ain't gonna happen...with IV you have a bunch of others co-ordinating towards pushing Lawmakers for change

    StarSun...i'll help with both the tasks you mentioned. My lawyer already gives free advice in several LA univs so he might be interested in this.
    My questions...says he is interested...what does he have to do to there a number to call for the conference call....or a special link where he has to go to join the chat? which thursday of the month is he this fixed or does it change every month?
    To be honest i never visit the forum page unless i need to search for something and thats very rare....can we put up a link or an Icon with a tiny banner advertising the free lawyer phone call on the home page?

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-20 04:21 PM
    - It was a historic event, in a historic and scenic location with plenty of symbolism about what America represents - the Washington Monument to the Capitol, and the lobby day, reception (both of which I missed thanks to my flight delay) and press conferences at the Rayburn building.

    - An excellent opportunity to get our voices heard where it matters - in D.C.
    - Meet fellow IV members!
    - Great photo opportunities
    - Stories most of us will cherish for the rest of our lives and share with our children & grand children
    - Last but not the least, it's always a pleasure to see an intelligent, calm, restrained leader like Aman Kapoor leading the effort in all his selflessness (he already got his green card a while ago). Proud to be a part of an org led by you Mr. Kapoor!

    - And before I forget - another incredible selfless person, Ms. Tamsen!
    - Plenty of others - too long a list to mention, you know who you are!

    Had some down sides as well, but I'll keep this a fun thread... :)



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  • kvtH1B
    10-17 03:40 PM
    Hi Zooom Can you please let me know what you have done in this case.Even i have the same problem.

    I'm presently on H4 in US and have got the H1B visa approval(Mostly I would get the I94 and wouldn't require stamping unless i leave USA) . Due to personal reasons I need to travel to India planning to go to India.
    I would like to get the visa stamped in Tijuana before I go to India.
    I have not yet started working with my employer.Infact I did not get my H1B approval papers yet nor have SSN till now.(approval of H1B is on Oct 16th 2007)
    Since October has been crossed and i dont have a paystub(since my approval is late) my question is are there problem if the consulate officer asks about why i have come for stamping even before starting the job (since i have 194) and what if he asks for paystubs as iam going after october 1st.

    Can anyone please help?

    Thanks in Advance

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  • gantilk
    07-31 12:49 PM
    Thank you akhilmahajan. I just tried faxing to this TSC number 2149622632, but it failed. Let me try to find it out form uscis site again.


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  • paskal
    07-11 07:15 PM
    stop this stupidity please

    far as i know we did not write the letter.
    all we did was send flowers to let people know we were screwed over.
    if you don't even want to do that...
    hey it's ok to roll over and play dead. but you can do that without bothering to come here, can't you?
    iv has not raised any security related issues as a policy. we have not denigrated uscis for working efficiently either. all we asked was to honor the july bulletin.
    so what stupidity should be stop dear kramer?

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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 04:38 PM
    I think spillover method has not been changed since years. The only puzzle is that whether it is horizontal or vertical or combination of both that USCIS works with we exactly do not know.

    Do you guys agree ?

    In my opinion equal share of spillover count to oversubscribed EB categories for a particular year would be the final and legitimate solution.


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  • desi3933
    02-23 10:08 PM
    Do you mind to share what are all the funds or shares you are owning in your 401K

    Index based funds. Based on index direction, Enter/Exit rules are used.

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  • tonyHK12
    01-13 08:39 AM
    Going back to the original subject of discussion - before the thread got hijacked by plainspeak and some really divisive and dangerous viewpoints -
    This is typically what anti-immigrant and competitor websites do, they never donate or take part in advocacy activities - like PlainSpeak. examples of anti-immigrants are numbersUSA, FAIR and many others. your game is up, you can leave this website.
    They pick up a thread that educates members about advocaccy and pretend to have an argument and completely divert the topic. If people have questions there are better ways to talk to management or core.
    There were very valid posts about meeting lawmakers and requests for ideas for a better EB system, which were all supressed thanks to the negative campaign.
    Admins please delete posts of PlainSpeak as his goal is to hamper advocacy efforts.
    This is a grass-root effort and there is no nice way of getting rid of weeds.
    Freeloader weeds are just filling up our Server disk space that we pay for, with their bullshit.


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  • GCAmigo
    02-01 07:17 PM
    all this seems to have passed on 01/24/07??

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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 08:32 PM
    Thanks for the update! How about having two cases; a second LC under EB2. In that case can both prevail together (and EB2 and EB3)?

    MANY attorneys STRONGLY ADVISE not to file MULTIPLE 485/CP simultaneously.

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  • gbof
    04-19 11:30 AM
    just an update from my end. I had sent my EAD renewal application to NSC by mistake when it should have gone to Phoenix lockbox. My check was cashed today from Phoenix center, so looks like NSC forwarded my application to the right place.

    Read my previous mail. I NSC forward to phoenix rather than sending back to you. BTW: Did you send personal check OR Cashier's Check for fees?

    03-20 08:20 PM
    Many of us have gone through the Canadian immigration process and received permanent residence there "as a backup". It's a monumental waste of time and resources.

    The several thousand dollars worth of additional (and mostly unnecessary) expense could be better spent here in the States. Something that can perhaps also be highlighted in your presentations.


    Indeed, the visa process does favor white Europeans over Asians and Latinos.

    My brother-in-law, who is from S. America became a Canadian citizen 3 years after he was granted residency in Canada. The decision is based on points for education, language skills, job experience, etc.

    04-07 09:59 AM
    I am surprised, but are you really a member of the "high skilled" community or are you just faking it to be on this forum?
    I don't think you should embarrass your self or your profession, though we do not know your identity.
    What is the problem with you?. Why you are so angry?. I am really a high skilled than you and think logically. I hold a highest degree from a very good university. It is just my idea and for this there is no necessity to be a high skilled or not. Watch your words and be polite OK?.:mad:
    Offcourse, you have only 8 posts in this forum and very much junior to this community.

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