Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sirenis La Salina

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  • abhijitp
    04-15 06:46 PM
    Great initiative and kudos to NolaIndian for making it happen!

    I love to go for long walks, so count me in for that part! Not sure if I can commit myself to the SF event... need some more time to make up my mind on this one!

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-18 09:57 AM
    Got Card Production Ordered email today.
    I had opened a Expedite SR on august 4th, which was denied on August 5th.
    Thanks to everyone and hope you all will receive your cards soon.
    Case Details:
    E Filed May 29th
    FP on 6/28/2008
    NO LUD's
    CPO: 8/18/2008

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  • immigration1234
    05-03 02:58 PM
    No approval yet

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  • immigration1234
    05-05 10:27 AM

    Congratulations on getting GREENED.

    Appreciate if you could please let me know how and what details need to be provided to the senators office. My PD is June 18th, 2006 but no change as of now. Per your advise, I am thinking about planning to visit senators office. Appreciate your help!

    Thank you


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  • hinvin66
    05-05 03:04 PM
    Does anyone know the latest phone prompt sequence to reach an IO?

    My PD is May 30 2006, and I'm pretty anxious now!

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 07:27 AM
    you guys must have seen me with my 3 kids in a stroller and my wife handing out flowers and holding a placard...
    it was an experience in itself, a good one
    with lasting memories


    Actually - missed you. Please share a pic - I did think I saw u but unable to recollect


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  • rockstart
    08-05 06:31 AM
    I got my Card Production ordered email yesterday at 9:00 PM and now at 7:20 AM I get mail saying I have been registered at permenent resident. So looks like the department that registers GC is slower than the guys who print the actual card. Has any one else seen this kind of reverse order of mails?

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  • Dhundhun
    04-19 12:45 PM
    I paper filed EAD to AZ drop box on Mar 27th. I have not received receipt. Also check is not cashed.

    I agree, it is taking too much time, compared to previous applications.

    I am still waiting for check to be cashed or receipt.

    I think, I made a mistake of paper filing. I should have done e-filing.


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  • danu2007
    05-20 03:13 PM
    I called up all the congress members listed in this thread and was able to talk to the staff and they said they will pass the message.

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  • letstalklc
    09-01 01:06 PM
    Congratulations nolaindain......enjoy your India trip.....


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  • pbojja
    05-15 03:50 PM
    I called most of the offices , its easy some of the offices already know about the call so they will finish it for you ..

    Go IV Go

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  • Lucky7
    06-14 06:34 AM
    Now that all dates are current and it is CLEAR that the Immi-system if fed enough money will give you what you want,i think Immigrant voice should start campaigning for Premium Processing in 485 stage.

    Offer $5,000 per application to get answer within 90 days guranteed and i bet you they will put this into effect by next year.

    As far as the unfairness issue,i am just glad that at least we will be able to change employers after 6 months and have AP.

    By the way i waited 6 yrs in DBEC hell for LC approval so i know what stress those poor souls still trapped their feel like seeing this and wondering if they will get LC approval on time.


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  • gc_check
    06-29 07:36 AM
    Logiclife, Looks like the statement that USCIS have to accpet the 485 applications all month on July inspite of availability of visa might not be true anymore. See below link

    I'm really concerned now, as like many I've also shipped my paper work to the attorney, but have NO control on when they are going to file.

    Anyway, we have to deal with all this.

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  • diptam
    07-11 05:11 PM
    By accepting the applications for 1st week of July USCIS would potentially
    be cooling down 65% of peoples and thereby breaking down the concerted effort and lawsuit everything ....

    Then once the steam goes off this issue send this 65% to some infinite coldstorage/blackbox like BPC... May be this time the BPC will be created in deserts of Arizona or Mountains of Colorado.

    They are planning "Damage Control" for sure ...


    published by Hammond Law Group, LLC

    July 11, 2007

    Visa Bulletin Mess Update: Rumors and Innuendo

    HLG has confirmed that the CIS is not returning I-485 Applications back to those who filed I-485 during the first week of July. This is leading many to speculate that the CIS may reverse course and re-re-amend the July Visa Bulletin; whether the Visa Bulletin actually reopens remains to be seen. HLG normally refrains from commenting on rumors, but we have talked to several Washington insiders and believe that this is seriously being considered.

    What does this mean for foreign nationals who planned on filing I-485s in July 2007?

    HLG recommends that all foreign nationals who planned on filing I-485s in June take two actions:

    Have your medical appointments completed. Medical appointments can back up quite quickly. Therefore we urge people to complete their medicals.
    Send in your documents to HLG. HLG�s I-485 Step By Step Guide has a list of documents that we need for all I-485 filing. HLG will not begin preparing the I-485 at this time, but we still recommend that you send us all of the items on the list.
    HLG I-485 Step By Step Guide:

    What does this mean for foreign nationals who planned on filing via Consular Processing?

    We urge all foreign nationals to attend consular appointments. The Consulates are clearly issuing visa stamps to those with appointments.


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  • Hassan11
    04-01 01:26 PM
    do you want the new poll for EB3 only?? ROW

    Can someone please create a poll for ROW RDs. It should be monthly banded
    between May to Aug 2007.
    I don't find an option for me to create a poll.

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  • sanju_dba
    01-26 01:07 PM
    All my colleagues had house.
    I was tired of moving from apartment to apartment , nodding to apartment rules, parking problems, twice brake-in's , small kitchens /bedrooms . Crowded common amenities etc.
    Buying house has sure maintenance pain, but few pains give fun.
    I donot have to worry about rising apartment rents vs steady mortgage payments ( According to my calculation ,owning is cheaper ,lot cheaper in long run )

    Well, I am in Dallas, things are roomy and cheap here.


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  • rmdsouza
    06-18 08:40 AM
    Immigration reform will not take place unless the lack of reform costs the government. Now, we all know that H1-Bs pay Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax. Also, according to the rules, we are not eligible for the benefits. Considering the average pay of a H1-B is $60000. This unfair tax amounts to about $2300 per/year/person. Now there are about 350,000 H1-B stuck in Labor for the past 2-3 years. The total amount in unfair tax is nearly
    $2.4 BILLION!!! (I am being very conservative about this figure)

    Maybe they will pay attention if a lawsuite is filed to recover these taxes..

    Just my two cents worth...

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  • vbkris77
    04-08 06:55 PM
    Guys who come here on H1Bs and apply? Let us set aside the fraud inherent in L1 visa for another day. The visa recapture is there, but it is also a separate issue which takes a while to accomplish.

    H1Bs can't get EB1C. They need to be outside country in 1 out of 3 prceeding years. EB1C is intracompany transfer visa. Even if one is on H1B, they will be need to moved to L1A before they attempt this to my knowledge. Again we are not here to fix the world., we are here to fight for our cause and get going.. Lets be clear.. Most guys after getting their Citizenship, will also vote for republicans... So to me if we can somehow through, under, around get that visa recapture, we are all back to business my friend.. It is not a separate issue. It is the issue..

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  • slammer
    04-03 11:45 AM
    Slammer, if you got visa number last year you should have gotten an interview months back, UNLESS your consulate appoinment schedule is backlogged.

    Good luck

    We called the NVC 2 days ago about the status of our application and the guy on the phone (who was, BTW, very polite and patient) told me that everything was processed and as soon as our PD was current we would get an interview appointment very soon.

    We also sent an email-inquiry to the NVC last week and just today we got the reply :
    "Unfortunately, this case no longer has a visa number available. This is
    because the applicant' visa category is oversubscribed, meaning that
    the available numerical limit of visas able to be issued was reached.
    Upon reaching the numerical limit of visas able to be issued, only
    beneficiaries who have a priority date earlier than listed in the current
    Visa Bulletin may be allotted a visa number in this visa category. "

    So, that must mean that they had a visa number for us back in August 2007 when they sent us the DS230-I and the bills for the visa fees although according to the VB for August/September 2007 EB3 ROW was "U" ?

    Hmm, I have to admit that I have kind of given up on understanding how this all works. I'm just looking forward to that day when we finally receive our GC and are able to move to the States.

    Good luck to all of you and even more patience !

    05-16 02:37 PM
    Thanks, Sravani.

    I guess, the question now is weather INS will put application on hold and request an Xray after her giving birth or just let it go completely...

    We'll see.

    04-09 04:14 PM
    IV or other organization

    can propose

    ANY one who has PAID US FEDERAL TAXES for Five Years ( Irrespective of their visa categories) and HAS MASTER OR HIGHER DEGREE IN THE STEM FIELDS, Should get their GC in THREE YRS after Getting their Greencard.

    ( Similar to marriage to citizen)
    ^^ Bump ^^ More ideas and suggestions from the high skilled and highly educated community....

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