Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mr. Muscles is BACK, but in a different Capacity

    Can I just say that Mr Muscles is super freakin HOT

     Ok, well and a really nice guy. So hes not just a piece of meat.  He has other cool qualities, that make him an interesting guy.
    Even though things didn't work out between us, (bummer) we have continued to remain friends.(awesome)

    totally not in the capacity that I had expected.(dbl bummer)

    Mr Muscles and I now talk "shop".
    Now I'm sure your wondering what kind of "shop" we talk.

    Well its gym/lifting kinda shop talk. Super fucking sad right.
    To go from where we were to this.

    So yes we mostly discuss the gym. Lifting techniques. What kind of food to eat. and of course protein drinks.

    So your probably thinking this sounds super fucking boring after our "other" thing we had going on.
    honestly its not.

    I still wish things had gone further between us.
    respectfully he declined because I am still married.
    Do I still think about fucking him? hmmmmmmm
    Hell yes.
     I mean seriously if you saw him you would totally understand why he turns me on.

    Is there a chance we will "hook" up?
    more than likely not.
    Not that I haven't tried.

    No matter how good I look he continues to turn me down.
    Which by the way its been a year since I started my bustin ass at the gym and I do look damn good. If I say so myself.

    Does this hurt my feelings? To have him reject me.
    Well of course.
    Who likes being rejected. I'm just like anyone else.
    I don't take rejection well.
    AT ALL.

    But I get it. and respect him for it.

    So what sparked this post today about Mr Muscles?
    we will be working out this week together. (yes the sportsman knows. NO the sportsman does not know who Mr Muscles really is. and I would like to keep it that way)

    I know, no fucking way.
    yes it will be at the gym.
    He promises to work me h a r d.  One can only hope, right.

    I know I have to behave. Other wise its just a sad sad circle of me offering and him rejecting.

    So I accept what we can have together.
    Since the gym and working out is a close second to out of this wold sex.
    I guess I'm good with where were at. (not that I have a choice)
    I so wish I could share photos of him with you.
    You would totally drool.

    Ok well the guys probably not so much but you would think its cool that he works super hard to look the way he does.
    A super toned/muscular body doesn't happen over night.
    It takes hard work.  It has to be a way of life.
    I totally respect anyone who can do it.Source URL:
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