Tuesday, July 5, 2011
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  • sravani
    05-16 01:26 PM
    Is this done before you apply for after you apply for I-485??..I called one of the doctor and they said that once you apply uscis will direct you to get the tests done...is this true??..

    Not before or Not after.

    You should submit this report along with your 485 documents when your PD is current.

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  • gcformeornot
    03-19 07:27 PM
    Can you give me some reasons why visas are unused and a percentage.

    In other words, why would someone go through all the paperwork and then not get the visa?

    no idea why visas go waste? The annual limit of 140,000 is use or loose it. Processing delays is main reason visas are wasted every year.....

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  • GCapplicant
    05-15 04:00 PM
    Called them ...Staff were quite friendly.

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  • Green.Tech
    05-16 08:37 PM
    Called and left messages with all but one. One of the Rep's phone kept ringing and the voice mail never kicked in...

    Great job IV! Hope we all succeed!

    Have a good weekend all!


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  • needhelp!
    05-21 06:37 PM
    All members waiting for a GC should call. You will benefit from the bills, so spending 5 minutes should not be an issue.

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  • senthil1
    07-19 07:25 PM
    Actually when a person whose PD is current but his FP is not cleared and another person whose Who is having later PD but his FP is cleared then he will get GC(if his PD is within cut off date)

    Mainly EB2 candidates will suffer a lot if their application is struck in BEC. People who are having PD of 2005 and 2006 will get GC but those who filed in 2003 are earlier wait a few more years to get GC. This is happening for past 10 years. RIR and Non RIR processing was there beween 1997 to 2002. When any new processing is introduced those who started older process always suffer. I do not know any best solution for those cases. Also it is not possible to reform everything at the same time.


    let me try to answer your question the best I can. Answers in order:

    For all purposes: lets assume 2 examples. Person A PD July 2006 and RD of July2, 2007 and Person B PD April 2006 and RD of July 2, 2007.

    1. AOS is processed by a "combination" of RD and PD. As per the current Bulletin BOTH A and B can apply. The Service centres are currently processing September 2006 applications. When they reach July 2, 2007 processing dates, both applications will be picked up and then "thoeretically" they should ask for Visa number for A BEFORE asking a visa number for B as A has an earlier PD.
    2. Answered in same question 1 above.
    3. If Harry's case gets approved in August 2007 by BEC he WILL NOT be able to apply for I-485 as the July Bulleting is valid only for applicants VALID in july. Just beacuse they are accepting till AUg 17, does not mean people whose LC got approved between Aug 1-17 can apply, becuase they were technically NOT eligible to apply in July.

    Does that answer your questions. PM me if you want more detail.


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  • Pallavi79
    01-27 01:54 AM
    I think our focus should be on the how improving the bottom line for our company , i think we should focus on cutting cost and improving productivity in our companies we work in this economy rather than discussing this useless housing stuff or stocks.</Quote>

    Do you want to save when ceo's saves like this.

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  • mjadala
    05-20 10:11 PM
    called all of the offices.


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  • crystal
    07-11 03:35 PM
    the letter that Lofgren wrote raises very very valid questions including the overtime work pattern of uscis BREAKING NEWS: LOFGREN GIVES USCIS THREE DAYS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS


    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), chair of the House Immigration Subcommittee, sent Secretary Chertoff a list of questions and a request for documents from USCIS to get to the bottom of the whole Visa Bulletin fiasco. The letter is very interesting not just because it puts a heck of a lot of pressure on DHS right now, but also because Lofgren's folks imply from the questions that USCIS was short circuiting established security clearance procedures to "pre-request" visa numbers from DOS. If it turns out full security clearances were not carried out, USCIS will either need to say that they had the legal justification (which would be a public relations disaster for the agency) or that they intended to complete the checks after the fact (which would be a direct violation of their own regulations). The only way to avoid answering the questions and to make this go away would be to eat crow and start working the case July cases.

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  • shantak
    07-21 05:06 PM
    eFiled May 23rd
    FP: June 17th
    NO LUD After FP
    Still waiting ...
    Current EAD Expires: Sep 19th... Currently working on EAD


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  • eb3retro
    02-28 03:00 PM
    As always IV members rock..

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  • gc4me
    04-01 11:17 AM
    Can someone please create a poll for ROW RDs. It should be monthly banded
    between May to Aug 2007.
    I don't find an option for me to create a poll.

    Your long wait at the ticket line is over, now sit back, relax and enjoy the game :D
    BTW, does anybody here know is there a percentile or graphical ROW RD distribution out there? Please post the link here. Would love to see how many 485 applications for ROW between June to August 2007.


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  • vrbest
    03-10 11:04 AM
    Both Addresses will be printed on the passport. One for current address in USA and other for Indian Permanent address.

    Application form is asking for address to be printed and other address. I am planning to keep my India address (my place) on my passport. I use my passport as a address proof in Inida. It means i need to fill it in address to be printed coulum.
    What is the other address. Are they going to print this in passport as well. If they are going to print this in passport, can i give my India address here as well? Is it mandatory to give one US address (other address)? Please help me. I am trying to renew the passport and would like to keep my existing India address.

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  • ramus
    06-13 01:52 PM
    So am I..
    I thought to send message once we meet 14,000..

    But thing is how many are active and wants do something out of 14,000.

    Yes, I was just thinking about that.


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  • pappu
    03-31 06:46 PM
    - You can add immigrationvoice.org link and a short message to any email with jokes, cartoons etc you forward. Talk about this serious stuff and then say, ... now some humor. This will ensure that the message of Immigrationvoice goes far and wide.

    - Make lot of photocopies of IV flyers from the http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=36
    volunteer section and keep in your car. Whenever you go to a mall, railway station, store or temple etc and see any South Asian, Asian, etc nationality people (since such nationalities are mostly affected by retrogresssion) hand over a copy each to them. Tell them breifly about IV. This technique has worked very well in spreading the message.

    - use the invite a friend email tool. http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_iv_invite_friends&Itemid=55

    - Add Immigrationvoice.org link in the signature of your personal email. So every email you write will have this link.

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  • sheela
    08-13 11:14 AM
    Finally I got the email for Renewal EAD card production ordered.
    I e-filed on June 11th. Did the finger printing on July 11th. card production prdered on Aug 12th. Still waiting for the card. will update with the validity of the period once i have it in hand.
    Just wanted to share the time lines.

    Are you current per augVB


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  • satyasaich
    04-09 05:13 PM
    Well that would be an option make H1b portable.
    But then most consulting companies will not hire H1B's because it won't be cost effective.
    Anyway just by checking most of this consulting firms businesses they will be able to uncover all the fraud.
    It's very unethical to make you lie on your resume and then try to market you to an employer with fake experience, also nobody has responded to my comment. Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    Hmm, being an Ex-IBM Employee and for the record, let me tell you something. As long as one can charge his or her time to a billable project, no one cares. Otherwise, all you get is a grace period of 2 paychecks to prove the worth of employment. I'm telling you this truth with a verifiable employment history of more than 8 years in USA.
    My friend, all that matters is how much revenue one can generate. Just doesn't matter whether you are working for Big5 or small and tiny consulting companies.
    Challenge me if i'm wrong

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  • barsha
    06-29 03:08 PM
    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on July5th..like they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

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  • obviously
    05-16 07:46 PM
    Hi, lets each get 1 American / Permanent Resident friend/coworker get to call at least 1 person from this list. Granted, they might not be as vested to call all of them. But each call counts. Please have them call at least 1 person. This should take less than 1 minute and if needed, dial from your phone and give it to them :).
    Please, consider doing this. I know it is hard. I know it can be uncomfortable. Ask your immediate manager. Ask your coworker. Ask your brother. Ask your graduate TA. Ask your advisor. Ask anyone. Just get those calls out there. This really is about asking them to help you so that you can live a 'normal' life in a free democracy that is less than free for you. Please. Consider asking at least 1 person to call 1 person on this list.

    Its not as hard as you might think.


    02-04 05:07 PM
    We should tell our lawyers to post this on their website. Can other Immigration websites post a banner ad about it?

    Yes members can contact their lawyers and other sites to put this information up.
    To add to what Pappu said, some of them might think we are competing for website hits and advertisement. Our main goal is only to get enough volunteers to participate in this activity in DC for their own Green card. Decisions regarding number of volunteers have to be done quickly to get appointments, so send this wherever you can.
    every one has to do his/her part.

    07-31 11:52 AM
    Have you tried Infopass.
    If not you should schedule an appointment and try to find out what is going on. Also, see what else can be done to get your EAD approved.

    Please let us know, how it goes.

    GO IV GO

    I'm from ATL and the latest i could get an infopass at ATL local office is on August 12th. My EAD expires Aug 22nd. I will have to ask him what to . Does anbody know if there is an interim EAD and if so, will they give it immediately or is there a "process" for that also.

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