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  • santb1975
    05-17 03:00 PM

    Hi folks, just as predicted, my email thread to select contacts resulted in one outright racist response. i dont want this group to get distracted or distressed if you too get such responses. take a look at the original note below and my response. remain brave. remain strong. this is a LEGAL immigration process in the US economic interest too.

    hopefully people will begin to realize that anti-legal-immigration is just a facade for deep rooted racism.


    I have to let you know that not only will I not support this bill, but I am vehemently against the legal immigration of workers that are originally brought here to usurp positions that would have otherwise been held by skilled Americans. I agree that this is a racist and exclusionary position, but I also know many people who can no longer get work at the level they deserve due to the displacement they have experienced as a result of this foreign worker influx.

    Please remove me from any future posts regarding this or related issues.

    i know how the native americans must have felt when the pilgrims landed... oh that darned foreign influx.

    i will not dignify your self avowed racism with the erudition of economics, capitalism, innovation, globalization, human rights or the rich history of the united states as a melting pot of cultures ... all of which are underpinning factors that are in the long term US economic interests in high skilled LEGAL immigration. of course, these tend to be conveniently ignored on the altar of superficial sentiment, myopic protectionism and deep-rooted xenophobia.

    it would be best that we not be on each others' personal contacts or have any future interaction at all.

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  • eb2_mumbai
    09-25 11:22 AM
    This is what I call "tailoring message to our own needs". Lets take your example and I will do the same for you.
    USCIS certainly has a report by RD and lets say they are providing that report to the congress or the Senate. What would you see in the report ? There will be applications backlogged for years especially EB3 I. Just in my case, the 485 has been pending for more than 6 years. Anyone who wants to look in to the performance of an organization would want to know how well they are doing and USCIS has to show that they have applications backlogged for more than 6 years and cannot process them because of the unavailability of the visa numbers. Would that look good on them ?

    All big companies use both EB2 and EB3. We cannot justify one over the other with-out understanding the data. Again as far my understanding goes, I believe Bill Gates is a big proponent of H1Bs than getting his employees permanent residency.

    I beleive you are selectively highlighting facts. Forgive me if I am wrong but there are two issues here

    1) Applications Pending by PD
    2) Applications Pending by Category (EB 2 & EB3)

    Now yes I agree a congress man can ask like how come I see Eb3 app from 2001 pending with you since 2001. Which means 8+ years. With Spillover to Eb3 the dates max go to 2002 so the question would be app pending for 7+ years

    With moving EB2 they can least claim that they have moved an entire category to current. Is that right or wrong is entirely a personal question but it is a valid argument from their side. Also look at it this way Eb1 I & Eb2 I currently have a gap of 4 years. and EB2 & Eb3 have a gap of 4 years as well.

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  • pani_6
    05-17 11:49 AM
    Ok I apply for I-485 and EAD.because the Visa numbers are current for my date..USICS takes my application in November for processing and my Visa number are then regtrogressed...then they will not process my GC right??..untill the number becomes current I will have to wait on my EAD....???.

    Is this sceanrio right??

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  • illusions
    03-31 11:41 AM
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to rop by and say I received my welcome email today.
    Been here since 2001, but my company wouldn't let me file labor until December 2004.

    Good luck all, and keep the faith.


    wow that's a long wait to file your labor. Well in any event you got your GC and i wish you could have gotten it sooner since IMO you should have filed your labor much sooner. Good luck in all that you have planned on doing.


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  • senthil1
    06-26 06:11 PM
    Lawyers are creating rumors based on some misunderstanding???

    I am not sure how far it is true, but this is the content of the email I got from my attorney when I pressed him to file at the earlierst.

    "As soon as we have these forms back, all of the evidence for filing remaining from you, and I review the completed filing, we will file it. We appreciate your interest in filing on the first day the filing allows. We will endeavor to do that. I should point out that the current bulletin allows for filings throughout July. It is possible that the filings could be discontinued later in July. We are in touch with officials in Washington about this issue and will file your application in a timely fashion for obtaining the benefit when the filing is properly prepared."

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  • mbartosik
    10-25 12:36 AM
    Having spoken with several congressional aids I can say that such issues are well received. The specific issue that I have raised (it does not affect me) is examples of people leaving USA and having to explain to their US born children why mummy and daddy are not welcome in the USA, and thus why they have to grow up in a foreign country.

    I have also given examples of one sibling being born in USA and other aging out.

    However, I have only raised this where law makers are known to be sympathetic to family immigration, e.g. support DREAM.

    I think that the best we can do is:
    Get wait times down (and reduce impact of this).
    Use this as an argument with those who support family based immigration (and may even be hostile to EB otherwise).
    If we have an opportunity to address this as part of other EB legislation we can.

    It is certainly not forgotten by me.

    I do think that it would be helpful to have a list of people in IV with this problem (with ages of all children plus relevant dates). For the moment I'm too busy to organize this (busy with IV work -- like 4am bed times).

    More active help (not just forum discussion) with IV is always welcome, so you are welcome to step up and help (e.g. compiling a list of such members etc.). Politics is personal so being able to present personal cases is helpful.


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  • cokeraj
    09-01 05:10 PM
    Yes, that would be me. Mine was approved at NSC. Got the email at 11am PDT.

    Below post appears to be by a user who had his application pending in NSC and approved, based on this profile in IV.

    Looks like NSC is also approving I-485's. Not sure how long this trend is going to continue, guess all depends on how much visa numbers gets trickled down from other categories to EB2 India / China. Hope and wish they are many.. which would helps many people waiting in line and PD not getting pushed back for FY '10. I feel bad for EB3 folks though, seems like nothing going to change for them at least in near future, untill there is some congressional action. Hopefully the next VB gives some indication on how things are going to move. Good luck and wishes to all who got greened, especially with older PD's who have been waiting for years. Think nothing changes much overnight with GC, but certainly gives a peace of mind and helps execute long term plans with much confidence.

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  • logiclife
    12-13 01:43 PM

    Can you please make this a sticky?

    Thank you.

    I have made the thread sticky. Thanks for taking this initiative.


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  • hpandey
    08-05 09:12 AM
    Just checked the online status. Approvals both for my wife and me.

    PD : Feb 2006 / TSC, EB2

    Recently got the old priority date changed to Nov 2005.

    Can you please fill up your details in your profile which will automatically add it to the IV tracker. It will help if as many people as possible would update their profile in the IV tracker.


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  • funny
    05-20 11:32 AM
    Will call thr rest today, it just took 3 mins of my time... keep calling guys....


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  • sanju
    04-08 11:33 PM
    Does this makes those individuals “the best and brightest”, while the second person not?
    Knowing that there are very limited H-1B available per year, do you think this situation is FAIR for the second person or his sponsor company?

    Does “first-come-first-serve” or “processing based on date application received” ring a bell? And if second person’s application is not processed, that doesn’t mean that he is not the “best and brightest”, it simply means the quota finished. So why blame others who were ahead in the line and whose applications were processed. Acting like a frog will not make any of us any more human.

    The problem is the way we are or would be affected due of some them are not so transparent immigration practices which are mainly from India.
    Let see this case, a company sponsor a large number of H-1B to individuals that does not have real job offer, but look for real jobs after they get approved, while a second person does have a job offer but cannot get it because the H-1B quota was reached very early.

    If more people on H1 come from India/China and not from Timbaktu, that is because India and China has 1/3 of the world population. It means 1 in every 3rd person walking on this planet is from India or China. If people from India and China consume more H1s and if there is only handful of people coming from Timbaktu, then why complain about it. Send in applications ahead of time because as per the rule, which I am sure no one on this forum wrote, the processing is done in the order of priority of when the application is received. And that is what all the companies are doing, beating the opponent in placing application from their company first.

    One more thing, if the immigration bill containing green card reform would have passed last year, H1 numbers would have no t exhausted on day 1. Now please don’t blame H1s from India for the immigration bill not passing last year.

    You asked what is fair, let me ask the same question, if there is some commonality between companies and type of business consuming more H1s, does it mean that every H1 should be banned from working for that type of business? Its like saying, if 98% of the wealth on this planet is with 0.1% people then kill those 0.1% people so that their wealth could be equally distributed amonst the other 99%. Is that your proposal? Is that fair?

    I have never mention to be in favor or against for any proposed bill. The apparently abuse of the system is what causing all this mess, which are the real more reasons to the anti-immigrant, but not my comments or your comments. For now it look like we will be facing a dilemma, not to be able to apply for the H-1B because the quota is reached before we can accept a job offer, or face stricter and harder rules that probably will make the application almost impossible. I only hope the H-1B can be regulated without impacting us negatively.

    The real reason for anti-immigrants proposing this bill is that they don’t want any immigrant here PERIOD. Rest everything is unnecessary detail.

    There is a problem with the system but as I said earlier, this bill designed by anti-immigrant is not the solution to the problem. This bill makes the problem worst.

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  • susie
    11-04 10:50 AM
    How long was your I 140 pending and what is the dob of child?

    Not sure if I have given full details of my sons case but here is the situation

    1. In 1998 husband moved to us on L 1 visa

    2. In 2000 company filed I 140 for husband and approved 2001, within one year of I 140 approval filed I 485' for all residing in the USA at that time and concurrently file I 824 for minor child abroad - was was to follow to join-
    per instructions on I 485 application

    3. The child's I 824 was pending at enactment of cspa with no final determination, so should be covered under limited exception

    4. Oct 2002, received letter from uscis, (did NOT say son aged out) to say file new I 824 once husband had his green card. Sons age for cspa EB3 20years 8 months

    It appears the file became separated, (IN error) so son's I 824 was worked before husband's file was complete

    5. Sent new I 824 when hubby got green card and this was approved Aug 04

    6. As , no news from consulate/NVC by Jan 05, got congressman's help and took till Oct 05 to received an e-mail from consulate to say son aged out

    Was getting paperwork ready to file law suit when husband died very suddenly. They agree with 95% of our claim but say now hubby is dead so is the case.

    My attorney say's we are suing for the mistakes and so not relevant that husband has since passed, I will let you know how the case goes


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  • tinkugadu
    06-19 10:58 AM
    Hta's great, I really hope Atlanta would start moving. Mine is over a month now but there are lot of applications over 90 days.

    My lawyer just filed my labor on monday he gave me a
    number A-0XXXX-XXXXX . is this a valid format for a labor receipt. I think he applied through Detroit DOL. It is under EB3 and how long does it take to get approval.

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  • WeldonSprings
    04-30 10:01 AM
    Hello All,
    I e-Filed my EAD at the Nebraska Service Center (NSC).

    E-Filed on 04/15/10
    Documents received by NSC on 04/16/10 and had a LUD.
    Additional LUDs on 04/19/10 and 04/20/10

    But after that no news.

    Is anybody in the same boat who has e-filed around the same date or have recievd their EAD cards.

    [QUOTE=anilkumar0902;1734942]After a little bit of delay and suspense and a number of Soft LUDs...I finally received my renewal EAD today. Hurray !!! It almost feels like receiving a GC.

    So, here's the deal:
    E-filed for myself and my wife on 03/16
    Approved on 04/09
    Wife's EAD received on 04/12
    Then started all the drama..
    A lot of LUDs..but no card for me. The status shows approved day and then Post-processing and then again back to Card-production ordered...Here and there and last week i saw a message saying .."Your new card is sent to your address on file". I must've checked my application at least 10 times before submitting...No issues with the application. But hey...All is well that ends well.

    All the best to everyone else too...Always be hopeful and celebrate every good news..

    That is good !

    What is the duration of your EAD ? (I mean for 1 yr/2yr ?) and Is it effective from the date of approval or from the date on expiration of your current EAD ?. Hopefully, this is your last ead as GC should be on your way soon.


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  • bmc
    05-07 10:09 PM
    Hi ,
    My Attorney Applied my Labor in Last October 2007 It was denied in December 2007, Then Attorney again filed a new Labor application in december 07, 2007 Unfortunately In January , we received a audit notification for my Labor certi.... under business neccessity Reason ......... We replied on February ,2008, after almost 2.5 months theres is no any reply from Atlanta processiong center ........
    category : EB2
    status - Processiong
    Center : Atlanta
    Qualification : BE- Computer Science engineering + 15 years of Extensive experience

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  • siddhu98
    04-11 11:07 AM
    My wife and son are going to India on vacation this summer. Their current H4 visa got expired (June 2006) on their passports. They have a valid I-797 notice expiring Oct 2007.

    However, I am applying my H1B extension next month and will get 3 years extension sometime in May 2007. I want to get them visa stamp based on my new approval notice.

    For dependent H4 visa stamp, do they need their own approval notice 797 or principal's approval notice be sufficient to get the stamping?




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  • blacktongue
    05-11 11:31 AM
    What nonsense is this.
    Isn't this supposed to be a public forum that people can join and share updates. There is no disclaimer that one needs to donate to participate in discussions on this forum.
    If donations are mandatory - this would have been a paid only website and access to all should have been restricted. I bet the participation and visibility of a useful site like this would be detrimental in this case.

    " public forum that people can join and share updates"
    You not know IV.

    Read - About Immigration Voice (

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  • kinvin
    02-01 09:57 PM
    Wait n watch: :This was quite a trip, but worth it.

    Jutha sahi tera wada magar huze sa cha laga. :p

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  • abhisam
    07-17 10:07 PM
    It is obvious that DOL backlog center is processing cases with utter disregard to FIFO procedures. Some people with priority dates in 2004 or 2005 have obtained their labor certifications, but some people with priority dates in 2001 or 2002 still do not know what is happening to their cases. If we file lawsuit against DOL on their inability to maintain FIFO procedures, what are the chances of success? Their inability to maintain FIFO procedures has brought great misery in lives of the people who stood in line for so many years so patiently.
    Just like the Right to Information act that was passed in India recently, the US also has the "Freedom of Information Act". I think you can ask for documentation from the agency to get information such why its taking so long for your application.

    You can find the details here:

    04-11 10:30 AM

    Sorry about my lack of knowledge, but what is EB3/ROW? Is "ROW" a short form? Can someone explain or guide me to a link?

    07-11 02:24 PM
    My wife got her H1b petition approved but not the change of status, that is she did not get the I94 along with the approval (she was outside the country at the time of approval). I know that she should be going out of the country and get the visa before she can start working. But After some research I found that there is another option, which is filing "amendment petition".

    Has anyone done this before. If anyone has done this please share your experiences.

    ^^^ bumping up

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