Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Definition DAY

     What a great word. Doesnt it sound fun when it rolls off your tongue?

    Now what does this word mean?

    and why on earth did I choose this for my definition day?

    Well patience people and I will freakin tell you.

    Here it is, a m b i d e x t r o u s

     -unusually skillful ;
    -using each hand well:
    -skillful in many ways: very skillful and versatile;
    able to use the right and the left hand with equal skill ;


    Now while I am NOT ambidextrious, I am however very skillfull with both my hands.

    Makes you smile doesnt it.
     I thought it might.
    Everyone wants to be talented at something don't they.
    and to be able to be multi talented well hell that it just freakin awesome.
    Hope your having an awesome week.
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