Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs

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  • Green_Always
    01-23 09:14 PM
    Chintu, can we have discussions on Friday Evening ?

    I think I again missed on Thu Evening as per your previous post.

    I have logged on to the chat right now..

    Ok guys I am on at the messenger from IV

    Room name is


    Passwrd is


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  • immigc06
    06-02 02:06 PM
    HI speddi, Can you share the number you have called for the status. I need to call them as well.

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  • speedo
    04-14 12:42 PM
    Lasantha, I have a similar profile like yours except for my PD will become current in May and I-485 was filed July 2nd. My question to you is that did you call the service center to inquire about your status, and that triggered approval.

    EB3-ROW PD Sep 2005
    I-140 approved in 2006
    I-485 RD 07/02/2007

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  • BECsufferer
    09-01 11:59 AM
    This is reality, my friend. There are multiple approvals showing up already on other sites.

    What matters is "had my approval and even better GC arrived?" . The answer is No, yet. So let's keep the hype down and remember we all have long and will continue, but hopefully our kismat will change. But till than ...

    Peace out!


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  • InTheMoment
    02-02 01:52 AM
    Well now the Oh Law website mentions about it too...referring to a Division B of H.R 2.

    "....The Senate floor then agreed to a lot of these amendments. One of these amendments which the Senate had agreed to and passed as Division B of the H.R. 2 is the Immigration Reform bill."

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  • ponnuswamyp
    05-29 04:31 PM
    E-filed on 04/05 - Nebraska Center
    Card Production Ordered - 05/14
    Approval Notice Sent - 05/27

    Received card yesterday. It is the revised design with machine readable info on the back of the card with 2 years validity.


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  • flthere
    07-14 04:26 PM
    Dems are like EB3-I ...

    EB3-I folks know that only way to get the GC sooner is thru porting but many ppl are just hanging on ..

    Dems know that the Immigration issue will bring them down in the elections, but they won't/can't do anything about it until elections are over ...

    Now its very clear to me and all the IV is for EB as a whole. Now that EB2 is served reasonably well, if there is any action plan from IV on helping out EB (not just I or C, even ROW) then ... atleast if EB3 visas are not wasted, i'll be glad ...

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  • wandmaker
    04-07 11:53 AM
    that the years for Citzenship count the day you apply for I-485...not actually recieving the GC..that was his lawyers opinion..

    Incorrect - you should wait for 5 years after your GC is approved.

    we are struggling to get greencard, even Multi year EAD/AP is a issue and you guys are talking about citizenship..

    Good one :)


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  • roseball
    09-01 09:22 PM
    I am in India right now - Can i take the card production ordered page and get back in?

    You should ONLY use AP to re-enter. Do not re-enter on H1. In the secondary inspection, the IO will know that your GC has been approved. Congratulations !!!

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  • ramus
    05-31 04:50 PM
    Thanks a lot for trying... mean while when somebody is looking into problem, can you do one time contribution for now.. do post in fund drive thread..

    Thanks a lot..

    Does anyone have any idea why the recurring contribution link is down???:confused:


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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-11 06:50 PM
    Though I love the recent forum posts being displayed alongside the content on the home page, I think it's also a drag on the resources and takes down the main site at times because of issues with the Forums/DB.

    We're all (mostly) techies.... we should be able to fix this and deliver higher SLAs for our web site...

    Available to contribute and volunteer if required for this, as the core already knows. :)


    One suggestion I have, which is followed by lot of websites with PHP Bulletin boards with high traffic is to use a separate server for boards pointing to something like and keep the main site ( on a separate not so powerful server.

    Atleast it ensures that the main site doesn't go down, when forum usage is very high.

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  • Meenal
    09-20 03:28 PM
    that ride was just hilarious...for the record it was vijay who told me "i don't know how i got here...i can't remember", he had lefts and rights nicely mixed up! pratik was in the same car and told me later that vijay did not believe that machine could beat him so he constantly challenged the directions :D

    as for sumita (samay)...besides working very hard...she provided great entertainment...don't know what we would have done without her. i'm going to remember her waiving her car keys at me and asking me to drive and then even before the car moved...she announed "not so fast" , took you and me a moment to realize she was saying it to vijay on the phone not to poor me who had not yet moved!!!!! i will also not forget her walking upto the registration desk on rally day and someone said good morning...sending sumita into a real tizzy as her morning "had begun at 5 am" which is absolutely true...since she had one of aman's lost bags and was given no choice but to drive to VA to return it...
    yeah and that "tom-tom"...wish she would learn to program it :D
    (ok now we are guaranteed to get a response! if not let's make a lawyer joke!)

    i was also in that other hilarious cab ride well after midnight on monday night when we were desprately trying to find our hotel. i will never ever forget logiclife's frustration sitting next to the driver who could neither read nor understand english and was deathly scared that if he went for directions we would ride away in his cab :D:D
    that scene when logiclife finally grabbed the wheel on the highway to get us on the correct exit had me and pratik in splits the rest of the ride...and when he tried to get the cabbie to move as the other car we were following was leaving...tapped in on the shoulder..then head...finally his face as our guy seened utterly lost trying to read his zones and calculate how much fare we were building up in that wild ride...

    add to that aman's lost bags and cell phone and constant attempts to call akhil to retrieve his wallet...poor akhil arrived back huffing and puffing and in mortal panic...later we discovered we had his home phone number and had been leaving messages on it for 2 days...and wondering why in the world he would not pick his phone up!

    btw i persuaded jane to eat a samosa...she was very scared it would keep her up but the small size convinced her to try it...i think she even like it...:cool:

    I wish I was in that cab, would have loved to see logiclife frustrated!
    Also, a point to be noted - why was that Paskal's entire trip was comedy of Errors - I think it's got to do something with the man hiself :)


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  • fromnaija
    01-23 10:24 AM
    I know EB2 is much slower than EB3 from what I have heard. Hence i was wondering how many ppl on EB3 have done their PERM recently?

    I believe there are two PERM centers, Chicago and Atlanta. Mine was filed at Chicago in EB3 and took 13 days.

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  • atlfp
    04-08 11:14 AM
    The H1B1 was started in 'GOOD FAITH ' by United States to help people from "all over the world" to come in and work in the US

    'GOOD FAITH ' help people from "all over the world"????

    What an idiot! Stand up and face the competition man!


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  • sam2006
    01-18 09:35 PM
    its sad to see so many free Riders

    I just make 30K but have contributed more than $ 250 and signed for 50$

    comon guys Wake Up please !!!!

    help IV
    we need all the help
    its now or never

    Please lets help ourselves for a change atleast once

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  • mariusp
    05-15 03:57 PM
    Can you put a link to this thread on the main page so everyone knows what's going on?


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  • conchshell
    05-16 11:31 AM
    I could get an email id from Ron's website ( I have sent a message to support this campaign and mention in his website forum. If someone know's Ron's actual email id, please post here. Thanks.

    Go IV Go ....

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  • abhisam
    06-01 03:24 PM
    recieved EAD card with 2 years validity from TSC. My current EAD expires on 07/31. The new EAD starts from 08/01.

    Just recieved a notification from USCIS that my EAD card production has been ordered. that was pretty fast!

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  • veda
    08-08 11:57 AM
    Seems still there are number of April filers case are pending (Ffiling).
    Here and there there are cases approved who filed June also but that is less than 1%. We should not consider them.

    I called yesterday - Representative told me that they are working on April 21-25th cases as of yesterday.

    God knows when they come to JUNE.

    At least they have to take out the bar to file with in 120 days rule.

    All rules are make us to feel too much tension which inturn decrease our life expectency. Is that their 'gift' for us for serving this Country?.

    I have seen approvals for May filers on IV.
    Lots of people have posted about their EAD approvals in the GC thread.

    I think TSC have started approving EAD filed in may. So, lets hope for the best. I hope this helps.

    GO IV GO.

    06-05 12:06 PM
    Congress is in recess until tomorrow.

    06-26 07:30 PM
    Thanks and posts like these might push you hard to get the 485 filed soon. But as Everyone said most of us are aware that anything can change.

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